Referring to “the Joint Statement from the United States and India” on 23 June 2023, at the end of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the USA ( It seems that the drafted by an Indian diplomat and endorsed by the US blindly. It might be true as the Indians have deep penetration into the US administration, especially in the State Department. Generally speaking, India has silently invaded America, as many senior position in the American Government or in the private sector, is occupied by Indian origin persons. Whether it is a Hi-Tech, Business, Hospital, University, or Government position, many Indians are seen. Although they serve American interests, simultaneously look after Indian interests too, which is very much natural and rational.

Being a diplomat and analyst, I have seen many joint statements issued by the state department of the US with many other countries, but, this one is rather different in nature and style, even the tone is also quite unique. Generally, joint statements are more diplomatic and generic in nature, usually avoiding any controversial issue and avoiding offending any third party, more focused on bilateral issues only.  

What is my take from this joint statement that India has clearly decided to be in American Club? The Strategic partnership with the US, the defense relations, and political relations with America have been defined obviously. 

The recent actions by India have endorsed my point of view further. First of all, the decision to hold SCO Summit virtually is under American pressure or advice, as the US does not desire India to host Chinese or Russian leadership in India. Indian trick to mild the impact of denying to host President Xi of China and President Putin of Russia, was visible by holding the summit virtually. 


Indian refusal of Iran’s entry into SCO is also under American influence or pressure. Although India was a beneficiary of sanctions on Iran and kept on buying cheaper fuel from Iran by fooling America and the West, ignored all sanctions on Iran. But, the US’s rivalry with Iran, forced India to create obstacles for Iran to enter SCO. 

Another important concern is the consideration of a common currency by BRICS, which India has shown its unwillingness. That is also American influence or advice too. Alternate currency means the end of US Dollars dominance, which the US would never like, and using India to create hurdles in BRICS internally. 

India has experience in transforming SAARC (The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) into a dysfunctional alliance. It might replicate a similar approach to transform BRICS and SCO dysfunctional. As a matter of fact, India is a misfit in BRICS as well as in SCO. Indian interests are with the US and certainly getting advice from the US. Obviously, SCO and BRICS are regional alliances to counter the hegemony of any single big country like the USA. India is a beneficiary of American supremacy and will keep protecting it, but may find difficult its position in SCO and BRICS. 

The recent trend of expansion of SCO and BRICS is due to the frustration of developing countries against the hegemony and intervention of a superpower like the US. 

It is strange and beyond our understanding that India kept tense and spoiled relations with all its neighbors. Whether it is Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, or Maldives, India has differences and confrontations with all of them. While trying to pull good relations with the US, Australia, Japan, etc. 

Simply India’s interests are with the US and due to this reason is trying to keep close relations with Quade, Australia, Japan, etc. But ignoring the immediate neighbors and regional countries, hoping to sustain good relations with other countries far away from India is impractical and may not sustain for too long. 

It is time for the neighbors of India to unite and resist Indian coercion and reject its aggressive policies. Regional powers also need to review Indian behavior and policies, before making any deal with India. Especially, BRICS and SCO must re-evaluate India’s role and act accordingly. It is strongly recommended that if India openly protect American interests and create hurdles in SCO and BRICS, may be expelled from these two alliance. Indian presence in SCO and BRICS may be for the purpose of spying and sabotage only. Indian interests are the divergence of SCO and BRICS. All members of SCO and BRICS must think wisely and smartly. However, the expansion of both alliances is unavoidable and must take place rationally. Russia and China are counterbalancing forces in geopolitics and must play a proactive role. 

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