WTM 02 10 2023 National Day Of China \\ Business Forum Uk \\ Naatkhwan 1st of October is China’s National Day, Pakistan being close friend of China, we share the joys and celebrations of Chinese National Day. 国庆节, 请看看我的观点, 巴基斯坦国家电视台发博的。 Please watch my views on PTV World. Reference Link:- https://youtu.be/c65_RetuTrw?si=sxeunzETWzbYXIikContinue Reading

At the occasion of Chinese Mid-Autumn and National Day Festival, CCTV China, Interviewed me, Kindly watch my views. It has been translated into Chinese too, but, English text-version is given below; https://content-static.cctvnews.cctv.com/snow-book/video.html?item_id=5257023441840851506&t=1696160280041&toc_style_id=video_default&track_id=A7721689-A611-45B1-A449-8053669188C7_717853919741&share_to=wechat 巴基斯坦】国庆讲话反响采访专家泽米尔阿万 [同期1] 泽米尔·阿万(Zamir Awan) 巴基斯坦智库全球丝绸之路研究联盟创始主席 巴基斯坦前驻华使馆科技与教育事务参赞 The rise of China is a very important entire world. That’s why China isContinue Reading