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It is boundless platform, which includes Scientist, Doctors, Social Scientists, Artists, Engineers, Technologist, Traders, Entrepreneurs, etc, all walks of life and all sectors of society.

The objective of the Global Silk Route Research Alliance (GSRRA) is to provide the means to develop in the readers a critical and reflective vision of the events related to geopolitics with a focus on BRI, CPEC, China, Asia, the Muslim World, etc.

We publish opinion articles, analyses, graphs, images, videos, and interviews that will help understand the world, you will not find in the traditional media because we try to contrast all the information that the media pours into society with the aim of defending the interests of economic and political groups to prevent the full development of the peoples.

It is appreciated if you are positive and avoid a pessimistic approach, criticizing religion, ethnic groups, minorities, etc. We aim to promote peace, stability, harmony, and development globally

We also promote collaboration in Science Technology, Innovation, Education, Trading, Transfer of Technology, Business etc.

We encourage youth, minorities, and ethnic groups to contribute toward socioeconomic development and prosperity globally.

Note: Proper Credits are given to others if utilized their published work or photos.

Expert Panel

The writer is an Assistant Professor, at the Department of Government and Public Policy, National University of Sciences and Technology.

Ambassador (Retd) Muhammad Khair Al-Wadi: Ex- Syrian Ambassador to China is a writer, author of books, researcher and analyst of geopolitics.

Short bio of Dr. Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah

Dr. Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah is a professor of political science. Head of Department of Media and Strategic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. He is the pioneer of the contemporary theory of intellectual security. A Consultant to the Belt and Road Institute at Beijing University of Language and Culture, Beijing, Member of the World Council for Chinese Studies  ( Sinologists World Council ), Beijing University. former Vice-Dean of Scientific Research. He was Visiting Professor as a researcher at the University of Jena Germany in 2011 and 2012, three months each, as a DFG grant winner. He was Visiting Professor at Nayef Arab University for Security Sciences, worked as the former Head of the Department of Human Security, and former Deputy of the College of Strategic Sciences. He has published many books, research papers, and articles:

Books: He has published more than 16 books as an author & co-author of mainly in Arabic one in the English language; hear some of it: “World Sinology Studies ” titled: Human Society Fights Epidemics and Fights Hate Speech – Towards Global Future Cooperation(2020),. Public Policy Making, Amman: Publications of the Directorate of Studies and Publishing, Jordanian Ministry of Culture 2020.The Impact of Security Media on Youth (2015) ) Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. Political Theory from Ancient Times to the Modern Era (2009) With the support of the Ministry of Culture.Jordanian Society in Post-Globalization  (2009) Wael Publishing House Amman. The Impact of Globalization on Arab Culture (2004) Arab Renaissance House, Beirut. International variables and scenarios of Arab culture (2004) Arab Renaissance House, Beirut. The Future of Arab Culture in a Changing World (2002) The Ministry of Culture, Amman. This is Jordan (1996) English language The Ministry of Culture, Amman. Total of more than 15 books.

Shristi Kafle is a freelance journalist from Nepal. She has been contributing to different Chinese media for the last 8 years, particularly on Nepal-China relations and other foreign affairs in the region. 

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed (UK): A professional Medical Doctor, but, very sensitive to Social issues and very touchy on humanitarian issues, a writer, researcher , Analyst, and intellectual of fame.