Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Gulf kingdom’s de facto ruler, said the kingdom “holds the occupation (Israeli) authorities responsible for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people. “We are certain that the only way to guarantee security, peace and stability in the region is to end the occupation,Continue Reading

Writer: Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, UK. جب آپ یہ الفاظ پڑھ رہیں ہیں تو ”غزہ میں جاری“ موت کے رقص ”کو تقریباً چار ہفتے ہونے والے ہیں۔ اب تک کے سکور کارڈ کے مطابق 1405 اسرائیلی شہری ماری جا چکے ہیں دو سو سے زیادہ حماس کی قید میں ہیں جبکہContinue Reading

Gaza’s humanitarian crisis deepened Thursday, with warnings people are at risk of starvation, as Israel continues airstrikes and withholds essential supplies from the enclave. It is completely under sieged and occupying forces have cut electricity, water, food fuel and medicines.  加沙的人道主义危机在星期四进一步加深,警告称人们面临饥饿的风险,因为以色列继续进行空袭并扣押该地区的必需品。加沙完全被围困,占领军切断了电力、水源、食品燃料和药品的供应。 More than 2 million Palestinians – including over aContinue Reading