Huawei’s evolution from a regional player to a global technology giant is noteworthy. The company diversified its product and service portfolio. 值得注意的是,华为从一个地区参与者演变为全球科技巨头。该公司使其产品和服务组合多样化。 Huawei was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei in Shenzhen, China, with a meagre investment of US Dollars 5 thousands approximately, with an initial focus on manufacturing phoneContinue Reading

In 2013, Pakistan faced a daunting economic crisis marked by shortage of foreign exchange, Trade deficit, lack of foreign investment, and severe electricity shortages, extended hours of load shedding, and global political pressures, compounded by the persistent menace of terrorism. The international community watched with concern as the country grappledContinue Reading

China and Pakistan are all-weather, time-tested and all dimension friends. Our cooperation in all dimension including cooperation in Science and technology is significant area. Around 30,000 Pakistani youth are studying in China in various field of modern and emerging technologies. China has become top destination for Pakistani youth in acquiringContinue Reading

The historical bonds between the Arab world and China date back centuries, with the Silk Road acting as a conduit for the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures. 阿拉伯世界和中国之间的历史纽带可以追溯到几个世纪前,丝绸之路是商品、思想和文化交流的渠道。 Sino-Arab Relations: 中阿关系: The historical bonds between the Arab world and China date back centuries, with the Silk Road acting asContinue Reading

On November 15 local time, President Xi Jinping held a summit meeting with US President Joe Biden in San Francisco upon invitation. The two heads of state had a candid and in-depth exchange of views. They held further discussions about the right way for China and the US to get along,Continue Reading

Written By : Wang Tianjin, Minzu University, China. Human civilization expeditiously flourishes through multi-faceted social interactions. In the second century BC, the Chinese first took to open up the famous ancient “Silk Road,” historically promoting the integrational and common development of Eastern and Western civilizations. This historic exchanged road nowContinue Reading

The 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting, chaired by U.S. President Joe Biden, unfolded in San Francisco, aiming to foster a more interconnected, innovative, and inclusive APEC region. This report delves into the highlights of the meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and President Biden, addressing keyContinue Reading

China stands as a beacon of economic prowess, renowned as the world’s manufacturing hub, and a powerhouse of trade. Its formidable reputation as the largest exporter is underpinned by unparalleled factors: competitive pricing, unmatched quality, speedy deliveries, and staggering volumes. Chinese products dominate international markets, thanks to the efficiency ofContinue Reading

10月30日,中国国家领导人在中南海同全国妇联新一届领导班子成员集体谈话并发表讲话。在讲话中,中国国家领导人强调了女性在中国现代化进程中的重要角色,肯定了女性在中国实现民族复兴和国家建设中不可替代的作用。 中国一直以妇女发展作为工作重点,强调对妇女权利的法律保障,改善妇女发展的总体环境。中国国家领导人赞扬了各级妇联的工作,肯定了他们致力于指导、服务和保持与妇女的联系。他指出,过去五年来,各级妇联认真履行妇女权益保障和关心工作,不断深化妇联改革。他说,中央对妇联的工作给予充分肯定,对全国妇联新一届领导班子寄予厚望,敦促他们将中央的决定落实到具体工作中,同时鼓励妇女发挥自己的优势。 他强调,妇女事业的发展不仅有利于妇女个人的发展,也有利于家庭和社会的和谐,有利于国家和中华民族的发展。他说,有必要加强对年轻人婚姻、生育和家庭观的指导,他敦促妇联微调和实施支持性生育政策,以提高人口发展质量,应对人口老龄化。 他还指出,保护妇女儿童合法权益,促进性别平等,促进妇女儿童全面发展,是中国现代化建设的重要组成部分,各级妇联要加大力度解决影响和侵害妇女儿童权益的突出问题。 虽然中国没有面临明显的劳动力短缺问题,但需要解决人口增长动力不足的问题。一些西方国家正面临严重的劳动力短缺,中国不希望有类似的经历。 中国是一个文明古国,其价值观饱含中国传统智慧,而家庭是中华文明的重要组成部分。中国国家领导人对全国妇联新一届领导班子的讲话,强调了可持续人口增长和家庭团结对促进健康社会的重要性。通过深思熟虑的政策措施,中国将在未来的日子里实现可持续劳动力增长和实现社会和谐的目标。 Reference Link:- Reading