China and Pakistan are all-weather, time-tested and all dimension friends. Our cooperation in all dimension including cooperation in Science and technology is significant area. Around 30,000 Pakistani youth are studying in China in various field of modern and emerging technologies. China has become top destination for Pakistani youth in acquiringContinue Reading

WTM 02 10 2023 National Day Of China \\ Business Forum Uk \\ Naatkhwan 1st of October is China’s National Day, Pakistan being close friend of China, we share the joys and celebrations of Chinese National Day. 国庆节, 请看看我的观点, 巴基斯坦国家电视台发博的。 Please watch my views on PTV World. Reference Link:- Reading

Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Excellency Jiang Zaidong, who is a seasoned diplomat and career diplomat, expressed:  “China and Pakistan are linked by mountains and rivers, and have enjoyed ever-lasting friendship. During the past 72 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, no matter how the international situation may change, China-Pakistan have always stood side by side in weal and woe. The two countries have rendered each other mutual understanding and mutual support, and forged an ironclad friendship. In April 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a historic state visit to Pakistan, during which the two sides elevated China-Pakistan bilateral relations to all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, opening up a new chapter in the development of bilateral ties. Since then, President Xi Jinping has met with Pakistani leaders many times and both sides have reached important consensus, which provides the fundamental principles and action guidelines for the development of bilateral relations. China-Pakistan relations have maintained a high level of operation and are full of vigor and vitality.” As a matter of fact, the China-Pakistan relations are unique in nature and often quoted as an example in International Affairs. The deep rooted friendship is inherited from our elder generation of leadershipContinue Reading

China’s relations with Pakistan have been characterized by sincerity, mutual trust, and a shared commitment to promoting regional peace and stability It is true that Pakistan’s economy was among the fastest-growing in the region during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The country was seen as a model of development forContinue Reading

The support that China and Pakistan give each other is considered significant in global diplomacy, and has been compared to Israel–United States relations and Russia–Serbia relations. Pakistan and China enjoy close and friendly relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in May 1951. Pakistan was one of the first countriesContinue Reading