Iran’s top diplomat in the UK has raised concerns over Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged attempt to embroil the West in a widespread conflict across the Middle East, warning of dire consequences for the region and beyond. In his first interview since Tehran’s recent missile and drone attack on Israel, Seyed MehdiContinue Reading

The United States on Wednesday announced an additional package of weapons for Ukraine worth 325 million U.S. dollars. According to a list from the Department of Defense (DoD), the new tranche of security assistance included additional ammunition for the U.S.-provided HIMARS, artillery rounds, anti-armor systems, over 9 million rounds ofContinue Reading

AbstractThe damaging economic, political, and diplomatic effects of Russia’s attackon Ukraine in February 2022 have not been confined to just continentalEurope. The highly interconnected and interdependent nature of the globaleconomy means that other regions are similar, or even more negatively,affected by any outbreak of hostilities in states like Ukraine thatContinue Reading

Germany’s decision to send tanks to Ukraine is a major moment in the Ukraine Crisis. It will have a far-reaching impact and may turn it into World War III. It is a tradition of the US to gang up to counter its adversaries. Iraq war, Libyan attacks, Syrian aggression, andContinue Reading