Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a powerful message emphasizing China’s pivotal role in enhancing global security during his address at the 60th Munich Security Conference. 中国外交部长王毅在第60届慕尼黑安全会议上发表讲话,强调中国在加强全球安全方面的关键作用。 Chinese President, has launched a Global Security Initiative, which was well conceived by the global community and admired a lot. The rise ofContinue Reading

Bangladesh’s opposition party, BNP, has initiated an “India Out” campaign, drawing inspiration from a similar movement in the Maldives. This campaign urges Bangladeshi citizens to boycott Indian products, sparking concerns about its potential impact on India-Bangladesh relations. Let’s delve into the background, reasons, and potential consequences of this movement. 孟加拉国反对党BNP发起了一场“走出印度”运动,灵感来自马尔代夫的一场类似运动。这场运动敦促孟加拉国公民抵制印度产品,引发了人们对其对印孟关系潜在影响的担忧。让我们深入探讨这场运动的背景、原因和潜在后果。Continue Reading

Indian soldiers in Gaza have been implicated in disturbing actions, prompting questions about India’s dual role as an aid provider and participant in the conflict. Israel’s influence on India, shared intelligence, and support in international forums have drawn attention, fuelling concerns that India may adopt similar tactics in Kashmir. SinceContinue Reading

Democracy is a successful model of governance in the Western world, where the literacy rate is high and education level is comparatively high. Tolerance, freedom of expression, human rights, economic situation, and sense of respect to different opinion is much higher. People understand that by power of vote they canContinue Reading

The United Nations and its partners issued a plan that outlines the minimum necessary to scale up humanitarian operations in support of 2.2 million people in the Gaza Strip and 500,000 of the most vulnerable in the West Bank. 联合国及其合作伙伴发布了一项计划,概述了扩大人道主义行动所需的最低限度,以支持加沙地带220万人和西岸50万最弱势群体。 “Hostilities in Gaza and Israel have created appalling human suffering,Continue Reading

Key speakers of the First Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation and Development Forum The Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry (APTA CCI) conducted the First Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation and Development Forum in Chengdu, China under the theme of “Advancing economic globalisation in the Asia-Pacific and building a green economic circleContinue Reading