Lifestyle fair tightens bonds between youth from Taiwan, mainland


Guests jointly inaugurate a lifestyle festival during the main forum of the cross-Strait youth summit in Beijing, capital of China, July 3, 2024.  (Xinhua/Chen Yehua)

Snacks from Taiwan and souvenirs from Beijing museums are displayed side by side at a buzzing fair being held in the Chinese capital as part of an ongoing cross-Strait youth summit.

Xu Nai-yuan, who is from Taiwan and has lived in Beijing for seven years, is at one of the booths showcasing his company’s latest products: beef noodles and chili sauce.

“It’s my first time attending this fair,” he said. “I think it’s a nice place where old friends can meet, and we also get to make new friends.”

Shen Zi-jian moved from Taiwan to Beijing more than 20 years ago and now runs a dental clinic in the city.

“I like these types of fairs, where people can mingle with one another easily,” he said, apparently enjoying the fair’s casual atmosphere.

The five-day fair began on Wednesday and has attracted the participation of 19 booth operators from Taiwan and 13 from the mainland.

Compared to the inaugural fair in 2023, this year’s event has seen increased attendance, and the products and programs are more diverse, said Mike Li, president of Huacan DreamWorks, one of the organizers of the fair.

This year’s fair has also been attracting visitors through a number of interactive events, including street dances and parades.

“These events give us a glimpse of the Taiwan lifestyle, and allow visitors from Taiwan to experience our popular culture first-hand,” said a student from Peking University who gave the surname Zhong.

The cross-Strait youth summit, which opened on Wednesday, also includes activities such as forums, a night concert, and an internship and jobs fair for young people from Taiwan.

Young people from Taiwan living on the mainland can play an improved role in connecting people on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Li said.

“Every one of us can try to influence people, including family and friends in Taiwan, and help them understand the truth about the mainland,” he said. 

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