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In *Desert Storm* against the Iraqi Army under American leadership, Egypt participated with 20,000 soldiers, Syria with 14,000 soldiers, Morocco with 13,000, Kuwait with 9,000, Oman with 6,300, the Emirates with 4,300, and Qatar with 2,600 soldiers.

At the dawn of the *Odyssey* against Libya led by NATO, Qatar participated with 4 warplanes, the UAE with 6 F-16s, 6 Mirage planes, and Jordan with 4 warplanes. The same countries also participated with Elite Forces to fight on the ground, and the Gulf Protectorate States paid for every missile and bomb that NATO dropped on Libya, *a million dollars.* Libya was destroyed, its people were displaced, and its wealth was plundered.

In *Decisive Storm* against Yemen under American-British instructions, Saudi Arabia participated with 100 fighter planes and 150,000 soldiers, the UAE with 30 fighter planes, Kuwait with 15 fighter planes, Bahrain with 15 fighter planes, Qatar with 10 fighter planes, and Jordan with 6 fighter planes. Morocco had 6 fighter planes, Sudan had 5 fighter planes, and was supported by thousands of soldiers. Egypt supported the war and was part of the Operations Room and demonstrated the readiness of its Air and Naval Forces in the operation.

Also, against Syria, and by American order, two Operations Rooms were formed in Jordan and Turkey to secure the entry, arming, and financing of 60,000 fighters by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, Jordan, and Bahrain.

???? These are some of the details that history recorded in the wars of various Arab countries to shamelessly destroy other Arab countries like themselves, viz Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

???? In the face of the massacres of the Zionist entity, everyone stood and watched, unable even to open a crossing and bring in food and medicine, because America did not give the green light. What utter shame and disgrace.

Do you now know who runs the wars? For whose benefit? By whose orders armies move? The fully paid and funded media is jointly responsible for the ongoing unholy brainwashing, so as to legitimize these wars of wanton death and devastation. They are saying that in Iraq, it was for (liberation); in Libya, it was for the (protection of civilians); in Yemen it was for (legitimacy); in Syria, it is (democracy) while in Palestine they are standing still, and watching like fools as the murderous Israeli Defence Force (IDF) butchered more than 42,000 Palestinians over the course of its 200-day attack, 38,000 of whom were civilians, including over 10,000 women and over 15,000 children. Yet, still, bodies of several thousands are stuck under the rubble, while thousands remain missing and are presumed dead.

The UN and International Community failed to protect Human Lives in Gaza. Despite the UNSC resolution passed for ceasefire, yet, the Israeli brutalities never ended. The sufferings of Palestinians seems no end yet.


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