30 Countries Seek to Join BRICS, Russian Ambassador to China Says

Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov disclosed that approximately 30 countries are interested in joining the BRICS economic bloc in an opinion piece published by the South China Morning Post last week. BRICS welcomed five new members in January: Egypt, Iran, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia.

Last week, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov remarked about the significant interest in BRICS. “The number of states interested in BRICS is much bigger than this entity can absorb now,” he stated. Bolivian President Luis Arce recently highlighted the impact of BRICS on global dynamics. “Nowadays, the world order is switching to a fairer and more balanced state, based on multipolarity and multilateralism,” he emphasized, adding that BRICS economies have been effective in challenging U.S. dominance and represent a hope for enhanced cooperation and complementarity among nations.

Reference Link:- https://news.bitcoin.com/30-countries-seek-to-join-brics-russian-ambassador-to-china-says/

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