Political and strategic implications of the Chinese President’s visit to France

Author: Dr. Hasan Al-Dajah, Professor of Strategic Studies at Al Hussein Bin Talal University – Jordan, Consultant of the Belt and Road Institute, Beijing University and Member of the International Council of Sinologists

During his visit to France, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced three major messages that reflect the essence of Chinese foreign policy and emphasize China’s desire to strengthen relations with the West, especially Europe. These messages highlight China’s strategic goals and emphasize its cooperative and constructive approach to international relations, And these messages as:

The first message announced by President Xi included a promise to open Chinese markets to Western companies. This announcement reflects China’s commitment to promoting free trade and foreign investment and is an important step towards deepening economic relations between China and Europe. Opening the Chinese market will provide new opportunities for Western companies, supporting the growth of the global economy and contributing to greater cooperation and trade exchange.

In his second message, President Xi emphasized his understanding of the risks that the Ukrainian crisis poses to the Europeans. This statement expresses China’s awareness of the security and economic challenges facing Europe and confirms China’s readiness to participate in peace settlement efforts and support stability on the European continent.

In his third message, he represented China’s continued commitment to the principles of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between countries. This reflects China’s foreign policy based on building balanced and sustainable international relations that enhance global peace and security. Through this message, China emphasizes its desire to cooperate with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

With these messages, President Xi Jinping outlines his vision for the future of relations between China and Europe, stressing the importance of international dialogue and cooperation in achieving common development and international stability. In the context of current global political developments, French-Chinese relations are of special importance, especially in light of the recent visit of the Chinese President. to France. This visit reflects a new phase of cooperation and mutual understanding between the two countries, with China affirming its commitment to the principles of peaceful coexistence, which represent the cornerstone of its foreign policy based on:

Mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity: The first principle proposed by the Chinese President during his visit is mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. This principle not only promotes international peace but also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the national and historical specificities of each country. In this context, the Chinese President expressed his support for European policies that promote regional unity and stability and stressed that French-Chinese cooperation must be built on this basis.

Mutual Non-Aggression: A non-aggression commitment that embodies good will between states and indicates rejection of the use of force in international relations. The Chinese President stressed that relations between China and France should be free of any tensions or challenges that threaten international peace and security.

Mutual non-interference in internal affairs: Another principle emphasized during this visit is non-interference in internal affairs. This principle strengthens national sovereignty and preserves the political independence of each state. The Chinese President pointed out that international cooperation should develop mutual understanding and support the independent development of each country without imposing an external will or model.

Equality and Mutual Benefit: The economic and trade cooperation between France and China is an example of the practical application of the principle of equality and mutual benefit. During the visit, several trade and economic agreements were signed that benefit both parties.

During the Chinese President’s historic visit to France, Xi Jinping announced China’s commitment to working with France to enhance international communication and coordination, which contributes to maintaining global peace and stability. This commitment comes within the framework of China’s endeavor to support and improve global governance through specific initiatives, including the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative, and the Global Civilization Initiative. These initiatives reflect China’s vision to address global challenges and promote common development, Such as:

Global Development Initiative: This initiative focuses on promoting sustainable development across national borders and seeks to address development gaps between different countries. In cooperation with France, China hopes to accelerate global economic growth and improve living standards in developing countries.

The Global Security Initiative aims to enhance international security and stability by preventing conflicts and managing crises effectively. China and France, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, are committed to strengthening international cooperation to confront contemporary security threats.

The Global Civilization Initiative provides a framework for cultural and civilizational exchange between different peoples with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding and respect. China stresses the importance of dialogue among civilizations as a means to promote global peace and cultural diversity, and also addresses the international crises that the world is going through, including:

Chinese President Xi Jinping touched on the Ukrainian crisis, explaining his country’s neutral and constructive position on the ongoing conflict. Xi stressed that China is fully aware of the turmoil and impacts that the crisis has had on European countries, expressing his understanding of the security and economic challenges that Europe has faced because of this conflict.

Explaining that China “was not the cause of this crisis, nor a party to it, nor a participant,” Xi stressed that the role his country played was aimed at promoting a peaceful settlement and searching for diplomatic solutions that achieve stability and prevent the escalation of violence. These statements reflect China’s desire to be seen as a moderate power that seeks to maintain global peace and order, and enhance its image as a positive contributor to international affairs. He stated that these positions highlight China’s endeavor to build international relations based on mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, stressing its desire to cooperate with European parties and others to find lasting solutions that serve the interests of all parties affected by international crises.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also did not neglect to address one of the most prominent issues in the Middle East that represents a continuing challenge on the international scene, which is the Palestinian issue. With a clear and specific vision, Xi expressed his belief that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state represents the radical and fundamental solution to the long conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. This statement not only affirms the Chinese vision for a just and sustainable solution in the region, but also shows China’s commitment to supporting world peace.

Leader Xi said that France is a strategic partner and an important factor in international politics and calls for cooperation with China to play an active role in facilitating the return of peace to the region. This call indicates a desire to unify international efforts and highlights the importance of joint action between major powers to achieve lasting stability.

The Chinese President also stressed the power that China and France possess and the great influence that can result from their cooperation. “We are two great countries that adhere to the spirit of independence, and we have always been able to unleash tremendous energy to influence the course of the world every time we come together.” These words do not only express optimism for the future, but rather emphasize the importance of the historical moment that the world is going through and the opportunity available to begin a new phase. New fruitful and constructive cooperation between the two countries.

At the conclusion of his visit, President Xi stressed that China is ready to work with all international partners, with France, to achieve these lofty goals, which reflects China’s commitment to playing a constructive role in the international arena.

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