China-France Possesses Potential to resolve Israel-Palestine Issue. 中法具有解决以巴问题的潜力。

China’s Potential 中国的潜力

As China ascends to become a prominent global power, its influence extends far beyond its borders, reaching regions like the Middle East. This rise presents opportunities for constructive engagement in resolving long-standing conflicts, such as the Israel-Palestine issue. China’s emergence as a diplomatic force can bring fresh perspectives and pragmatic approaches to the table, fostering dialogue and promoting stability in the region.

China’s non-interference policy, rooted in respect for sovereignty and mutual benefit, offers a promising framework for mediating conflicts in the Middle East. Its emphasis on win-win cooperation aligns with the aspirations of nations seeking peaceful resolutions to complex disputes. By leveraging its economic leverage and diplomatic prowess, China can serve as a neutral mediator, facilitating dialogue between Israel and Palestine.


In the recent past, China played tremendous role bring Saudi Arabia and Iran on negotiating table and brokered peace agreement between two rivals. Similarly, China has paid huge contribution in Afghanistan issue. As a matter of fact, China loves peace, and promote peace globally, its role is admired worldwide.


Moreover, China’s commitment to multilateralism underscores its willingness to work within existing international frameworks, such as the United Nations, to address regional challenges. Its support for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict reflects a pragmatic approach that balances the aspirations of both parties while recognizing the legitimate concerns of each side.


China’s growing economic presence in the Middle East provides additional incentives for regional stakeholders to pursue peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial partnerships. Through infrastructure investments, trade agreements, and cultural exchanges, China can foster greater interdependence among nations, reducing tensions and promoting prosperity.


Furthermore, China’s emphasis on development assistance and capacity-building initiatives can contribute to the socioeconomic development of Palestinian territories, laying the groundwork for a viable and sustainable Palestinian state. By addressing root causes of instability, such as poverty and inequality, China can help create an environment conducive to lasting peace and prosperity in the region. China’s stance is in line with UN Charter and UNSC resolutions passed in past seven decades.


The rise of China presents a unique opportunity for positive engagement in the Middle East, particularly in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. By adhering to principles of mutual respect, non-interference, and multilateralism, China can play a constructive role in facilitating dialogue, promoting stability, and advancing the aspirations of all parties involved. As a global leader committed to peace and development, China stands ready to contribute to a brighter future for the Middle East and its people.


France’s Potential 法国的潜力

France has long been recognized as a global power with a rich history of diplomacy and cultural influence. As it continues to assert its role on the world stage, France’s engagement in the Middle East holds great potential for fostering peace and stability, particularly in addressing the complex Israel-Palestine conflict.

Especially French President Emmanuel Macron, is quite clear with his vision and independent ideology. Although France being an important member of NATO, EU and UNSC permanent member, and close ally with US, but, always advocate for “European Sovereignty” He has voted against the will of US in the UN often.


France’s commitment to upholding international law and promoting dialogue makes it well-positioned to contribute constructively to the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. With a history of diplomatic initiatives in the region, including the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, France brings valuable experience and expertise to the table.


Moreover, France’s emphasis on multilateralism and cooperation aligns with the principles necessary for achieving a durable peace settlement in the Middle East. By working closely with regional stakeholders, including Israel, Palestine, and neighbouring Arab states, France can help facilitate meaningful dialogue and confidence-building measures.


France’s historical and cultural ties to the Middle East provide a solid foundation for building trust and rapport with key actors in the region. Its commitment to promoting cultural exchange and interfaith dialogue can help bridge divides and foster mutual understanding among diverse communities.


Furthermore, France’s economic resources and technological expertise can support development initiatives in Palestinian territories, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and prosperous future. By investing in infrastructure projects and economic development programs, France can contribute to the creation of viable Palestinian institutions and promote socio-economic stability.


France’s emergence as a global power presents a valuable opportunity for positive engagement in the Middle East, particularly in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. By leveraging its diplomatic experience, commitment to multilateralism, and cultural ties to the region, France can play a constructive role in advancing peace, security, and prosperity for all parties involved. As a trusted partner and advocate for peace, France stands ready to contribute to a brighter future for the Middle East and its people.


During the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s France visit on 5-7 May 2024, he met French President Emmanuel Macron, and on the situation in the Middle East, the two heads of state agreed upon:


  • Stressed the urgency of an immediate and sustainable cease-fire in Gaza, called for the immediate release of all hostages, and urged the immediate and effective implementation of relevant United Nations resolutions.
  • 强调加沙立即实现可持续停火的紧迫性,呼吁立即释放所有人质,并敦促立即有效执行联合国有关决议。
  • Called for effective opening of all necessary passages and border crossings for the speedy, safe, sustainable and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip.
  • 呼吁有效开放所有必要的通道和过境点,以便向加沙地带迅速、安全、可持续和不受阻碍地运送人道主义援助。
  • Advocated the concrete implementation of the two-state solution.
  • 主张具体落实两国方案。
  • Emphasized the importance of safeguarding freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and called for an immediate cessation of attacks on civilian vessels.
  • 强调保障红海和亚丁湾航行自由的重要性,并呼吁立即停止对民用船只的袭击。

It is believed that the two important global powers China-France possesses full potential to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue permanently. While the US being a partner in Occupation of Palestine and recent genocide in Gaza, by providing lethal weapons and advanced machines to Israel and support Israel on diplomatic and political front, by  vetoing UNSC resolutions, is a controversial player in the Middle East, and cannot be a neutral mediator. Whereas France and China are neutral mediators, acceptable by both sides.


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