Strange! Entire world stand with Palestinians, but, President Biden stands with Netanyahu !!!!

Interview this evening with Pakistani PTV channel about the latest developments of the ongoing Israeli aggression against our Palestinian people for the past 206 days, the continuing genocide in Gaza, the mass graves in Nasser Hospital, the destruction of hospitals, and the confiscation of lands in the West Bank for settlement purposes.

As I answered that this war continues and will not end as long as the Israeli goal is to deport our people in the Gaza Strip to Sinai, therefore 80% of the Gaza Strip buildings have been destroyed, 32 hospitals out of 36 were destroyed, most schools and all universities were destroyed to turn the Gaza Strip into a place that does not provide the simplest of life to succeed Her plan to evacuate our people.

The war will not end as long as the blind American support continues and the latest approval of the American Congress of aid to Israelis worth 26 billion dollars, including 17 billion dollars in military support to supply Israelis with more bombs and weapons to kill more Palestinian civilians, strange despite all the economic crisis and financing problems Healthcare for its people but it finds enough money to support the Israeli occupation and supply it with weapons to kill our people.

Demand to stop supplying weapons to Israelis and declare Netanyahu, his government and his army leaders war criminals should be arrested and tried just like the Nazi leaders were arrested and tried after WWII for their crimes against Jews and other ethnic groups in Europe.

And when my question is if you are optimistic?

I always answered optimistic because I believe that the darkest hours of the night are those hours before dawn, and thus the dawn of freedom and independence for our Palestinian people is near, and that the movement of students in American universities against the Israeli occupation and the genocide of our Palestinian people indicates that the future leaders who will lead the American government and the American Congress will be pro-Palestine And in their statements they are not talking about the Israeli occupation in 1967, but they consider that the establishment of Israel on the land of Palestine in 1948 is occupation and rape of settlers who came from nowhere to occupy the land of the Palestinian people and plunder their properties to establish their Zionist state, the American and Western student movement is beginning to see that their democracy and country has been raped and controlled She is from Zionists and therefore the change in favor of Palestine has begun and will never stop.

In response to a question regarding the statements of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the situation in Gaza?

US Secretary of State repeats and US government answered lies to buy Israelis more time to continue their crimes against the Palestinian people and steal more Palestinian lands and build more settlements. Americans talk about the two state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state but when Palestine put up full membership in the UN for a vote in the Security Council 12 countries supported Palestine membership while USA used a veto to prevent it. This proves the leadership and government of the United States are selling us lies and continuing their blind support of the Israeli occupation and Zionist apartheid regime.

Americans are required to adhere to international legitimacy resolutions and the rules of international law to stop their political, military and financial support to Israelis and adhere to special international legitimacy decisions in Palestine.

In response to a question about confiscation of thousands of dunamas from West Bank lands?

This answer indicates that the Israelis plan is to evacuate the Palestinian people out of Palestine whether they are in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank, including Jerusalem, or even 2 million Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship to fulfill one of the lies established by their state on the land of Palestine that Palestine is a land without a people for a landless people and thus replacing the people Palestinian with more Zionist settlers. This requires the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2334 2016 on the illegality of confiscation of Palestinian lands and the construction of settlements, the implementation of resolution 67/19 2012 and all UN resolutions concerning Palestine.

I hope the United States of America adhere to the international legality decisions on settlement and reverse the deal of the century issued under President Donald Trump’s reign that ignored international law and UN resolutions and tried to legalize Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands.

In response to a question about the removal of the ruins and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, statements were made saying that the time needed to accomplish this is between 10 and 15 years?

There was a statement yesterday to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia that the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip may take 30 years, but I say for this war to end and the Palestinian state and its capital, Jerusalem, should be established in accordance with UN resolution 181, UN resolution 67/19, resolution 242, 338 and other international resolutions of legitimacy. If the United States of America and Israel refrain from putting obstacles to the reconstruction project, we are ready to cooperate with Chinese companies and sister and friendly countries to rebuild Gaza in much shorter time than this.

What is happening in Gaza is crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing and all humanity is required to unite and consider Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Ghafir, Smotrich, Israeli leaders and the leaders of the Israeli army war criminals and be arrested in any country they visit even if it is the USA like the Nazis were arrested On their crimes .

May Allah protect our country, our people, and all mankind.

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