President Biden’s letter to Pakistani PM, a Positive Initiative

President Biden wrote a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan, the text is given below:-

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

The enduring partnership between our nations remains critical to ensuring the security of our people—and people around the world—and the United States will continue to stand with Pakistan to tackle the most pressing global and regional challenges of our time.

That includes advancing our shared vision for a future of greater health security, economic growth, and access to education for all.  Through our U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, we will also continue to strengthen our climate resilience, support sustainable agriculture and water management, and assist with Pakistan’s recovery from the devastating floods in 2022.  And, the United States remains committed to working with Pakistan to protect human rights and promote progress.

Together, we will continue to forge a strong partnership between our nations, and close bond between our people.


Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

The people of Pakistan warmly welcome President Biden’s recent letter, viewing it as a positive step towards revitalizing the longstanding friendship between our two nations. Pakistan and the US have shared a close alliance for over seven decades, particularly during significant historical events such as the Cold War era, the Afghan War against the former USSR invasion, and the War on Terror. Pakistan has consistently served and safeguarded American interests in the region, ensuring the achievement of strategic goals. However, over the past two decades, a trust deficit has emerged, with the US increasingly favoring India and leaving Pakistan feeling isolated. This shift has presented significant challenges for Pakistan.

President Biden’s letter comes at the twilight of his tenure, marking a departure from his previous lack of attention towards Pakistan during his four-year term. He faces considerable pressure domestically, with voters questioning his handling of various international issues such as Israeli aggression in Gaza, the Ukraine War, relations with China, the Afghan Debacle in 2021, sanctions on North Korea, and the de-dollarization efforts by BRICS nations. Given these challenges, his popularity is under scrutiny, and some view his letter as potentially politically motivated or insincere, with doubts about his ability to follow through on commitments to Pakistan within the limited time left in office.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities for President Biden to improve Pakistan-US relations. These include actions such as lifting all sanctions and restrictions on Pakistan, granting waivers for the Iran-Pakistan gas deal, easing visa restrictions, promoting educational opportunities for Pakistani youth, encouraging US investments in Pakistan, enhancing trade relations, reducing interference in Pakistan’s domestic affairs, maintaining a balanced approach towards India and Pakistan, and alleviating coercive pressures on Pakistan.

Pakistan is a resilient nation strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With a population of almost a quarter-billion people and abundant natural resources, Pakistan possesses significant potential to play a pivotal role in the region’s peace, stability, and development. Being an eastern nation, it values its traditions like trust, friendship and loyalty, etc.

It is imperative for Pakistani leadership to seize the opportunity presented by President Biden’s letter to communicate our concerns and priorities to the Biden administration, prioritizing national interests. This may involve organizing a national debate involving stakeholders, including opposition parties, to ensure a comprehensive and unified approach towards engaging with the US administration for positive outcomes on urgent issues. By leveraging diplomatic channels and advocating for our interests, Pakistan can contribute to fostering a constructive relationship with the US for mutual benefit and regional stability.

Rapidly changing geopolitics in the region forces us to cooperate with each other, while respecting each other’s core interests, and needs. Pakistan’s economic crisis are required to address on priority, law and order is also very sensitive issue, terrorism, climate change are equally important issue for Pakistan. People of Pakistan desires all dimension cooperation based on sincerity, equality and respect, on long term basis.

The US is also facing challenges domestically as well as globally. It is time for American policy makers to think wisely and smartly and devise new policies and begin new chapter of Pakistan-US relations.

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