Pakistan welcomes the adoption of the resolution titled “Measures to Combat Islamophobia” 巴基斯坦欢迎通过题为“打击伊斯兰恐惧症的措施”的决议

Pakistan welcomes the adoption of the resolution titled “Measures to Combat Islamophobia,” by the UN General Assembly with an overwhelming majority. The resolution was presented by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as a follow-up of the General Assembly Resolution 76/254, which designated 15th of March as the International Day to combat Islamophobia.


The General Assembly has condemned the incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence against Muslims as manifested in the increasing number of incidents of desecration of the Holy Quran, attacks on mosques, sites and shrines and other acts of religious intolerance, negative stereotyping, hatred and violence against Muslims. The General assembly has also called upon the Member States to take legislative and policy measures to combat religious intolerance, negative stereotyping, hatred, incitement to violence and violence against Muslims. 


Pakistan welcomes the General Assembly’s call for the appointment of a “United Nations Special Envoy to combat Islamophobia”. This historic appointment will be the first of its kind, exclusively dedicated to combating the scourge of Islamophobia. The adoption of the resolution comes at a critical time, amidst rising Islamophobia, as manifested by increasing number of incidents of discrimination, violence, and incitement against Muslims around the world.


Chinese Stance: 中国观点

The Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Dai Bing, said that the world today is mired in increased volatility, crisis, conflicts, incitement to religious hatred, and racism, and the intensification of Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination and xenophobia, which is deplorable. The remarks were made on Friday during a high-level event at the United Nations to commemorate the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.


Furthermore, the Ambassador said that China appreciated the submission by Pakistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of the draft resolution entitled measures to combat Islamophobia and supports the UN in playing an active role in combating Islamophobia. Moreover, China is honored to be a co-sponsor of the Resolution. Besides, to address and combat Islamophobia, it is important to tackle both the symptoms and the root causes.


  • Firstly, China urges all countries to adopt a zero-tolerance attitude, take concrete actions to combat discrimination and violence against Muslims, prohibit incitement to hatred based on religion or belief, and put an end to impunity. Freedom of expression should not be used as a talisman for hate speech, still less be used as an excuse for government inaction.
  • 首先,中国敦促各国采取零容忍态度,采取具体行动,打击针对穆斯林的歧视和暴力行为,禁止煽动基于宗教或信仰的仇恨,杜绝有罪不罚现象。言论自由不应被用作仇恨言论的护身符,更不应被作为政府不作为的借口。
  • Secondly, China advocates strengthening dialogue and exchanges among different civilizations and religions, rejecting discrimination and prejudice against specific civilizations and religions, opposing the erroneous and one-sided arguments about so-called clash of civilizations. Also, the superiority of certain civilizations, and championing equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness between civilizations. Furthermore, the political figures and the media should shoulder their due legal, moral, and social responsibilities.
  • 第二,中国主张加强不同文明和宗教之间的对话与交流,反对对特定文明和宗教的歧视和偏见,反对所谓文明冲突的错误和片面论调。还有,某些文明的优越性,以及倡导不同文明之间的平等、相互学习、对话和包容。此外,政治人物和媒体应该承担起应有的法律、道德和社会责任。
  • Thirdly, China calls for ensuring the right to development for all, eradicating the breeding grounds for discrimination and intolerance, such as poverty, marginalization, and economic disparities, and promoting inclusive and equitable development. 
  • 第三,中国呼吁确保所有人的发展权,消除歧视和不容忍的滋生地,如贫困、边缘化、, 经济差距,以及促进包容性和公平发展。

To this end, we must accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, so that no country and no one will be left behind.

为此,我们必须 加快落实2030年议程,不让任何国家、任何人掉队。

The Global Civilization Initiative:全球文明倡议

The Ambassador highlighted that President Xi Jinping has put forward the Global Civilization Initiative, which advocates respecting the diversity of world civilizations, promoting the common values of all humankind. Also, emphasizing civilization inheritance and innovation, and strengthening international people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation. The Initiative points the direction forward for different civilizations, ethnic groups, and religions to live in harmony and develop together. It is also the basis and guide for us to address common challenges and open up a shared future.

强调文明传承创新,加强国际人文交流 交流与合作。该倡议指出 的前进方向 不同的文明、种族群体, 以及宗教和谐共处、共同发展。它 也是我们应对共同挑战、开辟共同领域的基础和指南 将来

Lastly, he underscored that China look forward to working with all countries, including Muslim countries, to uphold openness and inclusiveness, promote exchanges and mutual understanding among civilizations, and build a beautiful and harmonious world together.


Indian Stance:

India abstained in the UN General Assembly on a draft resolution introduced by Pakistan and co-sponsored by China on Islamophobia, asserting that the prevalence of “religiophobia” against Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and other faiths facing violence and discrimination must also be acknowledged rather than singling out just one religion. The 193-member General Assembly adopted the resolution ‘Measures to combat Islamophobia’, introduced by Pakistan on Friday, with 115 nations voting in favour, none against and 44 abstentions, including India, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and the UK.



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