APTA business leaders and professionals initiate green business circle

Key speakers of the First Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation and Development Forum

The Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry (APTA CCI) conducted the First Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation and Development Forum in Chengdu, China under the theme of “Advancing economic globalisation in the Asia-Pacific and building a green economic circle in the Asia-Pacific.

The APTA Chamber of Commerce and Industry (APTA CCI) representatives adopted the APTA CCI Charter Policy Statement (2024-2026) and Development Planning (Framework) Recommendations for 2024-2028. APTA CCI Charter defines the rights of its members and the Policy Statement (2024-2026) outlines its strategic priorities and strengthen its key role in promoting trade, investment and capacity building among APTA member countries and connecting the APTA trade area with the rest of the world. The “2024-2028 Development Plan (Framework) Proposal” emphasises action plans and measures for the APTA CCI and to do a top-level design, serve the development of members, strengthen bilateral cooperation, promote digital economy, adhere to green development, and strengthen people-to-people exchanges in the next five years.

The first Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation Development Forum focused on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, promoting green development in the Asia-Pacific region and building an Asia-Pacific green economic circle. Representatives of business leaders of the seven countries of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, relevant Chinese associations, small and medium-sized enterprises service institutions, representatives of UNESCAP – Bangkok, UNIDO, foreign embassies and consulates in China took part in this forum.

 At the forum, government institutions and business representatives made suggestions on issues such as green and low carbon economy, green industries served by finance, the promotion of digital economy to green economy, the impact of policies on green economy, and green aid to underdeveloped countries. Delegates from all countries agreed that at present, developing countries are at the crossroads of business opportunities and challenges, and should seize the opportunities of green development, solve the problems encountered in green development, and enhance the resilience of sustainable green development.

The forum was hosted by the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the China International Public Relations Association.

(APTA CCI was established at the 50th Standing Committee meeting of APTA participating States and fourth session of the ministerial council of APTA governments held at UNESCAP – Bangkok 2017) 

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