Biden and Gaza

By Mohammad Khair al-Wadi: 

 28/1/20244     .                               

Why does Biden insist on prolonging the Israeli aggression on Gaza? And why did the American administration mobilize all its energies to provide regional and international conditions for Netanyahu, to continue bombing Gaza and to abuses all Palestinians ? The answer to that does not lie only, in America’s traditional keenness to preserve and care for Israel and provide the ingredients for its power, but there is another reason that Biden hides and does not like to publicize it. This reason can be summarized in one word: anger. Biden is angry because the operation of the seventh of October had cracked a project, and the US administration wasted three years of its life in order to accomplish it – which is normalisation relation between some Arabic country  and Israel .Biden is indignant personally, because the Al-Aqsa flood operation has frozen the expansion of normalization that was – in fact – within reach, and embarrassed the allied regimes that have relations with Israel. And Biden is angry, because his efforts to prepare the Arab street and domesticate it to accept normalization, have gone in vain. The vast majority of this street has become against normalization and hostile to America. And Biden is resentful because some  powerful the parties in America announced that they will not support the re-nomination of the current master of the White House for a new presidential term. No, even things have reached the point that the US judiciary has accepted a call to try Biden and his ministers on charges of prolonging the war and preventing genocide in Gaza. What irritates Biden, is that he found himself in the position of defender of a personal opponent named Netanyahu. Just as a reminder. There is a long history of problematic relationships between the two men. Netanyahu and Biden are at odds over the position on the Iranian nuclear program, on Israeli judicial reforms, and about Netanyahu’s interference in US affairs in favor of Trump and Republicans. Therefore, Biden has not invited Netanyahu to the White House yet. In this regard, the mouthpiece of Biden today summarizes the following verse: Whoever is afflicted by the world over the heat /// to see an enemy of his friendship must. And the Israeli media is overflowing with the material that talks about Netanyahu being dragged with Biden to fall into a deep abyss. Nevertheless, Biden’s Zionist religious background prompted him to swallow all the insults that Netanyahu directed to him, and bypassing the rivalry with him, and rushing to Tel Aviv to declare absolute American support to Israel, by setting up two bridges: air and sea to provide tens of thousands of tons of ammunition and weapons, and to provide billions of dollars to feed the Israeli war machine, and provide the political umbrella To prolong this aggression, and reject all calls to stop it. In a nutshell, deep anger, not logic, deliberation, or wisdom, has become the main driver of current American positions about what is happening in Gaza now. As is well known, anger loses its true vision, and disaster after another. This is the state of US policy today, in the Middle East and the world.

Writer is an ex-Syrian-Ambassador to China and an eminent Scholar & expert on International Affairs.

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