Indian Navy has deployed Guided Missile Destroyers, INS Mormugao, INS Kochi and INS Kolkata in the Red-sea. It was also regularly flying a long-range maritime reconnaissance aircrafts in the region. Indian Navy had increased its surveillance of the seas.  


Indian entry to war zone is alarming as its over-ambitious policy is quite dangerous. It was close ally with Israel and has been condemning Palestine. It has been replicating Israeli atrocities and brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Both, Israel and India are defaulter of the United Nations and has been denying UNSC resolutions on Kashmir and Palestine for almost Seven-Decades. Both are using delaying tactics and avoiding the implementation of UNSC resolutions. Both are partner in many criminal activities and war crimes and worst violator of human rights. Both are involved in assignations and killing, torturing, kidnaping, and sabotaging their rivals in a third country. Many more similarities also exists.


The Modi government and its media workers have not stopped from undertaking heinous acts in different countries, which has been exposed again with the arrest of an Indian spy blogger by Saudi Arabian security forces.


On December 18, the Saudi security forces arrested blogger Zahack Tanveer on charges of undertaking activities considered harmful to the interests of the Saudi state. Zahack is an Indian journalist known for his pro-RSS and pro-Modi views. Tanveer was arrested by the Saudi authorities for publishing anti-Islam content. He took to his social media to criticize protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and seeking an independent Palestinian state. The blogger also urged the youth on social media to join dangerous and radical organizations like the Islamic State.

12月18日,沙特安全部队逮捕了博客作者Zahack Tanveer,罪名是从事被认为损害沙特国家利益的活动。扎哈克是一名印度记者,以其亲RSS和亲莫迪的观点而闻名。坦维尔因发布反伊斯兰内容而被沙特当局逮捕。他在自己的社交媒体上批评呼吁加沙停火和寻求独立巴勒斯坦国的抗议者。这位博主还在社交媒体上敦促这些年轻人加入伊斯兰国等危险激进的组织。

In May 2020, a Hindu chef, storekeeper, and cashier in the United Arab Emirates were expelled for making anti-Islamic statements on social media. A Bahraini hospital fired Indian doctor Sunil Rao for his anti-Islamic views. Moreover, in April 2020, a Hindu engineer was fired from his job in Kuwait for making anti-Muslim comments on social media. Despite the fact that India’s anti-Islamic face is evident at the global level, Hindu extremists have not stopped their anti-Islamic policies.


During the two long decades occupation of Afghanistan by the US, Indian role was very negative and was always condemned.


Its involvement in assassination of rivals in Canada and the US has already alarmed the Indian excessive interference in third countries. There was a track record of its involvement in Sri Lank during the rebel uprising of Tamils. Its involvement in Maldives domestic politics and coercion is also revealed. Indian involvement in killing and meddling in domestic politics has been reported by Myanmar.


Pakistan has provided a strong dossier to the International community or Indian state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan. The International Community’s response is still awaited. Hope after the Indian aggressive actions in the Western World, the International Community may take a strong stance on Indian state sponsored terrorism abroad. It’s notorious Intelligence Agency (RAW is deeply involved in terrorism in India as well as abroad. Recent visit of American Intelligence agency CIA, FBI, etc., to India has collected appropriate evidence of Indian involvement in terrorism in Canada and the US. Now actions are due by the Western World against India.


In the red-sea, despite of the US request to its allies, have exercised restrains and refused any additional deployment of Naval Force. It is only India who was even not asked, but, pro-actively jumped into the war zone. It is his over-ambitiousness merely.


India is dependent of Muslim world for energy needs and economic prosperity. More than half of its oil imports are from Muslim world. Millions of its work force is earning foreign exchange from Muslim world. Muslim world is a significant trading partner of India. Yet, Modi led Indian Government is offending Muslim World!


Confrontation and military actions are not a solution, it is a straight forward political issue and should have been resolved politically. Palestinian are the son of soil and denial to right of their existence, occupying there mother land, pushing them out of their homes, killing, kidnaping, torturing them, will never solve the issue.


Simply, implement the UNSC resolutions and create a sovereign, independent state of Palestine, consisting the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and restore the status of Israel to pre-1967 stage, which is the only acceptable solution. A sustainable peace will be achieved forever.


Israel has been using excessive use of military force, using all dirty tricks, atrocities and brutalities, for Seven-Decades, but, could not succeeded. It should have been learned by Israeli, that, the legitimate rights of Palestinians cannot be suppressed. The sooner, the creation of Palestine sovereign and independent state, the sooner the peace will prevail in the entire region.


( 注意: 本文中有百度翻译的。很可能有差异。 请参考原版英文的。 谢谢

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