Middle East is at the verge of Volcano-burst. 中东正处于火山爆发的边缘

Israel-Palestine war may engulf the entire region. Some of the new developments in the region are very serious and dangerous. Entire world could not stop Israeli aggression and despite of UNSC resolution, the Israel ground and air attacks are continued. The deliberate delay of resolution in the UNSC was ill-motivated. The changes to resolution’s draft were aimed to harm Palestine further, and make the resolution ineffective. The removal of ceasefire’s wording was allowing Israel to continue the bloodshed of Palestinians further.


U.S. Secretary of Défense Lloyd Austin announced plans to set up a multinational coalition to safeguard Red Sea shipping called Operation Prosperity Guardian. During a trip to the Middle East, he said the operations would be joined by Britain, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain. Austin added that Greece and Australia had also joined the grouping, taking it to a total of 20, but added that at least eight countries taking part have declined to be publicly named.


But Europe is divided visibly and some of its Europeans allies have regretted to be partner in any such alliance. As a matter of fact, the US dragged Europe in Ukraine war, and some of European countries think it was a mistake to support US blindly. The public opinion in most of Europe is against the Ukraine war and wanted to withdraw from US alliance in Ukraine war. But the governments are committed against the public opinion. The Europe has faced the consequences of Ukraine war and suffering economic losses. Ukraine immigrants are a burden on few European countries. The food and Energy security is in danger for almost entire Europe.


Public at large is thinking seriously to take part any new alliance with the US in red sea or not. The youth are smart and wise, they must decide their fate carefully. Based on previous experience, they have to make decision for new alliance. There is a movement of Sovereign Europe and they are advocating an independent foreign policies.  


Some of the European nations has already openly expressed their inability to join any such alliance and even, the US navy has avoided to deploy more war ships blaming the shortage of war ships.


The geopolitics are changing rapidly and more awareness has come to the masses. Especially the youth are more sensitive to such changes and do not want to repeat the same mistakes of past. Although the youth have a little say in policy making but it is a fact the future depends on youth. Their importance and involvement in major decisions is very much desired and very much significant.


Middle-East is like a volcano and may burst any moment. Israel has initiated the war, and seems never ending it. For more than Seven-Decades, it has been pushing Palestinian from the mother land and concentrated them into two points, Gaza and West Bank. And now demanding push them out of Gaza. Gaza is a Gas-rich area and Israel keep eyes on its natural resources.


The US irrational economic, defence and diplomatic support, turned Israel so bold that the entire world could not cool it down and could not force it to end war. On the other hand, Hamas has expressed in Press Conference in Egypt for negotiations and settling the disputes through a dialogue.


If the US suspend its military aid and diplomatic support, Israel can come to negotiation table and can resolve all disputes under the UN chatter peacefully. If the US keep is current pokies the situation may get out of control and may become disaster not only for region but may engulf the whole world. That will be WWIII – a scaring scenario. The World possess the dangerous weapons enough to eliminate whole human kind.


It is a sincere appeal to all scholars, intellectuals, media outlets, think tanks and politicians, to think wisely and act smartly to avert any man made big disaster. All nations and individuals need to contribute in averting any new war and stop the current war in Gaza. Respect the humanity, respect the human lives, live and let others live peacefully.


( 注意: 本文中由百度翻译的,很可能有差异。 请参考原版英文的。 谢谢

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