The ascension of China on the global stage marks a pivotal moment for the world at large. It signifies a balance in geopolitics, countering the dominance of major powers, and upholding ideals of global peace, justice, and development. For developing and underdeveloped nations, China stands as a beacon of hope, offering promise in a world weary of hegemony. As a scholar devoted to the study of China, I am keenly attuned to its progress, and this year, the proximity of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day underscores China’s unique celebration of these two festivals, termed Shuang Jie (Double or Twin Festivals).

 President Xi Jinping, a visionary leader of global acclaim, availed this opportunity to address the nation, delivering a message that resonates not only with the Chinese people but also with the international community. His speech, a beacon of optimism in a world marred by geopolitical tension, focused on critical themes: global security, development, economy, and the concept of a shared future. His address is a very important, especially carries a message to Chinese people as well as to the international community.  

President Xi Jinping is a visionary leader. He is a global leader, he is a very popular leader in the entire world. Many people are also focusing on his speech. In his speech. In these tumultuous times, President Xi’s speech breathed life into the aspirations for peace, stability, and prosperity. Central to his address was the Global Peace Initiative, offering viable solutions for peaceful conflict resolution and the establishment of a harmonious global environment. Additionally, his advocacy for global development, rooted in the belief that every individual has the right to a better life, underscores China’s commitment to humanity. President Xi’s unwavering dedication to the entire humankind is evident in his proposal for a global development initiative, ensuring that no nation is left behind.

Global peace initiative is very important, and he has given many solutions to peaceful resolution of conflicts and make the humankind live under a peaceful environment. He also introduced global development initiative that is because every human being has a right to have a better life. And China advocate for entire humanity on equal basis. And President Xi Jinping cares the whole humankind. So he has proposed global development initiative that everybody, every country, every nation should develop, no one should be deprived anywhere, any time. It is very important, especially for the developing world. He also has initiated global initiative of our peace and human rights and justice. This is also very important aspect. I believe that the President Xi Jinping is globally popular, because he talked about the entire humankind. His focus is not only limited to China, but the whole humankind. He addresses the entire world, and he want to resolve the problems and issues are faced by common men and women of the whole world. It is believed, this is the reason for his popularity. He is a really visionary leader, and his message is for the whole humankind. And this is a special about his vision and thoughts.

Furthermore, President Xi’s initiatives extend beyond rhetoric; the Belt and Road Initiative stands as a testament to China’s proactive approach to global development. With trillions of dollars invested and more than 150 participating countries, this initiative is not merely a model for China’s growth but also an exemplar for neighboring and friendly nations, promising economic advancement, improved infrastructure, and enhanced livelihoods. One striking example of this transformative initiative is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In Pakistan, CPEC has led to significant improvements in power supply, infrastructure, and transportation. These advancements have not only reduced travel times and costs but have also spurred economic activities, generating employment opportunities for the youth and contributing substantially to Pakistan’s GDP growth. The people of Pakistan are profoundly grateful for China’s unwavering support through CPEC, a testament to the profound impact of international collaboration.

China’s rise is not just a triumph for itself; it is a boon for the entire world, especially for developing and underdeveloped nations. Rooted in thousands of years of wisdom, China’s civilization has propelled it into a powerful and developed nation. Today, China graciously shares the fruits of its rise with the world, transforming challenges into opportunities and fostering a future where every nation, regardless of its development status, can thrive.

And through these developments, President Xi Jinping emphasizes the people should have livelihood, there should be eradication of poverty. There should be delivery of comfort of life, and standard of life should be uplifted. I think it is already being implemented. Some of the countries are beneficiary of this initiative. Pakistan being a close friend of China is one of the largest beneficiary of belt and road initiative. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a prototype flagship project, and already it is in a very advanced stage. Several projects has been completed, some are under execution, and many more are in the pipeline.

It is witnessed that after the completion of some of the power projects, Pakistan has overcome the shortage of electricity. After completion of infrastructure projects, the transportation sector in Pakistan has improved and reduced the distance between the cities and the travel time and the cost too. It has generated the economic activities directly or indirectly. Many jobs has been created for the youth of Pakistan. CPEC has contributed largely to the GDP growth in Pakistan. People of Pakistan are grateful to belt and road initiative. We are very grateful to people of China and the government of China for taking these initiative and supporting Pakistan through CPEC. 

The rise of China is a blessing, for the rest of the world, especially the developing countries and other underdeveloped countries. China is a responsible nation. China has a civilization of thousands of years. The wisdom of thousands of year has made China a powerful and developed nation. And China is sharing the fruits of its rise with the rest of the world. China has taken all these necessary initiatives for the welfare of the humankind. All of the rest of the world is the beneficiary of these initiatives, and some of them are already implemented, and the fruits of these initiatives are already delivered to the common people of the world.

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  1. Great message by Prof Zameer Awan.

    China has emerged as the real global leader of the 21st century.

    Its hard work in utilizing the indiginous resources, its fight against corruption, its development and infrastructural initiatives, its contributing in generating knowledge through high quality academic research and above all, its approach towards the World as the real development partner and not the master, have led a major portoin of the World towards a win-win situation.

    Well done China! Keep it up!

    God bless us all.

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