Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Excellency Jiang Zaidong, who is a seasoned diplomat and career diplomat, expressed: 

“China and Pakistan are linked by mountains and rivers, and have enjoyed ever-lasting friendship. During the past 72 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, no matter how the international situation may change, China-Pakistan have always stood side by side in weal and woe. The two countries have rendered each other mutual understanding and mutual support, and forged an ironclad friendship. In April 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a historic state visit to Pakistan, during which the two sides elevated China-Pakistan bilateral relations to all-weather strategic cooperative partnership, opening up a new chapter in the development of bilateral ties. Since then, President Xi Jinping has met with Pakistani leaders many times and both sides have reached important consensus, which provides the fundamental principles and action guidelines for the development of bilateral relations. China-Pakistan relations have maintained a high level of operation and are full of vigor and vitality.”

As a matter of fact, the China-Pakistan relations are unique in nature and often quoted as an example in International Affairs. The deep rooted friendship is inherited from our elder generation of leadership of both countries, like Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Enlai, Visionary leader Deng Xiaoping, President Ayub Khan, Prime Minister Zulfiqat Ali Bhutto, and so on. 

The friendship is deeply penetrated into the people of both countries. Those who have chance to travel to Pakistan, either for work, business or tourism, they can witness the warmth of Pakistani public for our Chinese brothers and sisters. Often, they are surrounded by many Pakistanis for a photograph. They enjoy the status of a super star in Pakistan. The same we experience, when we are travelling in China.

It is absolutely right to express the eternal friendship between two Iron Clades as “Higher than Mountains, Deeper than Oceans, Stronger than Steel, and Sweeter than Honey”. We are really Iron Clades – Tie Ge Men Er!

Our enemies are jealous of our exemplary friendship and often attempt to shake it. Recently, there was a fake and distorted news in Chinese social media regarding Pakistan-US defense pact. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the origin of this propaganda was from India. It was a deliberate attempt from India to create misunderstanding and confusion, aimed to harm the ideal friend ship between China and Pakistan. 

It is not the first time, India has developed special expertise in spreading fake news, distorted narrative and fabricated stories against its adversaries. It has been using media as a tool to harm its enemies. In recent years, India has been exposed, as InfoLab in Europe has found Indian media misadventures and banned some of its media outlets. Europe has blacklisted some of its involved Journalists and media house. Yet, India using its edge in IT sector and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, is over-engaged in spreading propaganda against its adversaries. 

Pakistan is a relatively more open country and enjoys highest level of freedom of expression, so India is utilizing Pakistan’s liberal media policies, is also spreading negative news, and fake news in Pakistani media too. In past, there were many fake stories and distorted narrative originated from India. 

However, the deep rooted friendship between China and Pakistan is above such attempt and India evil designs always turned in vain. This time, when fake news appeared in Chinese social media, senior official of Ministry of Chinese Foreign Affairs met Pakistan Ambassador in Beijing and similarity meetings were held in Islamabad, and shared their concern with each other. In a very cordial atmosphere, both sides under stood each other and the issue was resolved amicably up to satisfaction of both sides. 

As a matter of fact, there exists a regular consultation mechanism to discuss and understand the issues and concerns of each other. We are just like a family and our internal issues are always resolved amicably with each other’s consultations. However, the embassies in each other’s capitals are playing vital role and always kept engaged in circumstances. 

High-Level mutual vista are also source of strengthening this everlasting friendship. Almost all senior leadership of China has visited Pakistan and similarly. Almost all of Presidents, Prime Minister and Army Chiefs, of Pakistan has visited China. 

Not long ago, President Xi Jinping sent a message of congratulations to the 10th anniversary of the CPEC, and dispatched his Special Representative, Vice Premier of the State Council of China Mr. He Lifeng to visit Pakistan for the celebration. It fully demonstrates the great importance attached to China-Pakistan relations. The Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative and Global Civilization Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping have received positive response in Pakistan. The strong guidance of the leaders has set the direction for the development of China-Pakistan relations and steer the way forging ahead.

China-Pakistan relations are a strategic and long-term perspective, and   always been a high priority in China’s neighborhood diplomacy. Relations with China are the corner stone in Pakistan’s foreign policy and always remained highest priority. This model friends from all walks of life in China and Pakistan, by implementing the important consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and Pakistani leaders as the guiding principle, building a closer China-Pakistan community with a shared future in the new era as the main line, and promoting high-quality development of the CPEC as the major platform, to continuously consolidate, deepen and expand China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperation, safeguard our common interests against changes unseen in a century, and better benefit the two countries and the two peoples.

We are two nations but united firmly and strongly. We are committed to turn all attempts from our common enemies turn into futile and unsuccessful. China-Pakistan friendship is unshakable!

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