Celebrating a Decade of Collaboration: Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng’s Momentous Visit to Pakistan.

In a momentous display of camaraderie and friendship, the esteemed Vice Premier of the State Council of China, H.E. He Lifeng, will embark on an official visit to Pakistan from 30th July to 01st August 2023. This highly anticipated visit comes at the gracious invitation of the Government of Pakistan, as a Special Representative of President Xi Jinping. As a revered economist, revered politician, and former Chairman of the National Reforms Commission (NDRC), Vice Premier He Lifeng’s presence carries immense significance, particularly in light of the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a shining beacon of the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the heart of this visit lies the joyous commemoration of a decade of fruitful cooperation through the CPEC, which has transformed the landscape of bilateral relations between China and Pakistan. As the Chief Guest at a splendid event honoring the Decade of CPEC, Vice Premier He Lifeng’s wisdom and experience will undoubtedly contribute to charting a course for even greater progress and prosperity in the years ahead. During his stay, the Vice Premier will hold pivotal meetings with Pakistan’s esteemed President, Prime Minister, and other distinguished officials and leaders, further solidifying the foundations of this steadfast bond between the two nations.

Vice Premier He Lifeng’s distinguished career and pivotal role in China’s international economic relations and the resounding success of the Belt and Road Initiative make him an invaluable asset during this visit. As the visionary architect of the CPEC, his expertise and insights will illuminate the path to mutual success and shared growth. His contributions as the former Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (2017-23) have been instrumental in the seamless execution of several CPEC projects in Pakistan, a testament to the transformative power of this partnership.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in May 1951, Pakistan and China have nurtured a profound and enduring friendship. Both nations have forged an “All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership” built upon mutual trust, respect, and goodwill. This visit symbolizes the unbreakable thread that binds them as “Iron Brothers,” a bond rooted in shared values and common aspirations.

Indeed, this visit is but a stepping stone in a long and cherished history of high-level exchanges and dialogue between Pakistan and China. Strengthening their Strategic Cooperative Partnership remains a shared priority, as both countries seek to elevate economic and financial collaboration to even greater heights. Furthermore, the CPEC will continue to be a focal point of their endeavors, as they strive for its high-quality development and explore fresh opportunities to fortify trade and investment ties.

The visit of H.E. He Lifeng embodies a momentous milestone in the enduring friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and China. It encapsulates their unwavering commitment to collective progress and prosperity, reinforcing the notion that together, they are unstoppable forces for positive change.

In conclusion, the esteemed Vice Premier’s visit serves as a beacon of optimism and hope, illuminating the path towards an even brighter future for both Pakistan and China. As they forge ahead in this journey of collaboration, their friendship will serve as a shining example of the boundless potential that arises when nations come together in the spirit of unity and goodwill.

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