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China and Pakistan are close neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, with common hearts and minds and destinies. The two countries support and help each other, and are reliable all-weather friends at critical times. For this reason, Chinese people regard Pakistan as an “iron brother”. Over the years, the officers and soldiers of the Hongqirap Talks and Meeting Station on the Sino-Pakistani border have protected this profound traditional friendship with actions.


Chinese and Pakistani border guards conduct joint patrols in Hongqirapu. Photo by Zhang Qingliang

The snow-capped mountains are towering, the peaks are numerous, and the cold wind of the Pamirs in harsh winters is biting. The Karakoram Highway is like a bloody artery, winding forward.

Starting from Kashgar, Xinjiang, and driving along the Karakoram Highway, the reporter and his party arrived at the meeting station of the Hongqirapu talks. It is also an important location on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.



China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners, and the two countries are “good neighbors, good friends, good brothers, and good partners”. For ordinary Chinese people, they prefer to call Pakistan affectionately “Pakistan Railway”.

“The wind knows the grass, and the fire sees real gold. Safeguarding and inheriting this friendship is the common aspiration of the two peoples, and we are duty-bound. Dai Liming, director of the meeting station, said that over the years, generations of officers and soldiers of the meeting station have used their actual actions to protect and promote the iron-like friendship between China and Pakistan.

Gao Xiang, the interpreter at the station, said with deep feelings that the officers and soldiers of China and Pakistan are like brothers, they all carry each other and think of each other in their hearts, and there are many heart-warming stories that bear witness to this friendship.

In July last year, a section of the Karakoram Highway was washed away by a flash flood, cutting off transportation and supplies. To this end, the Pakistani side requested assistance from China during the meeting.





“To solve the difficulties of our brothers, we must do our best.” The next day, when the trucks loaded with rice, flour, cooking oil, vegetables, and other urgently needed materials arrived in Pakistan, the Pakistani personnel were very surprised: “I really didn’t expect you to come to the rescue so quickly, you are really our good brothers!”


“Many things like this have brought the hearts of the border guards of the two countries closer together.” Dai Liming told reporters that one winter, when the Pakistani side met with it, it revealed that the coal for winter heating at the checkpoint was not yet in place, and wanted to ask the Chinese side for temporary assistance. After Dai Liming consulted his superiors, he organized the officers and men of the meeting station to contact two trucks to load coal overnight. The next day, the coal truck overcame difficulties such as snow and slippery roads, and after a nearly five-hour trek, the coal full of Chinese border guards’ friendship was delivered to the Pakistani checkpoint.

“Winter can’t stop the deep friendship between the soldiers of the two countries.” The Pakistani checkpoint personnel shook the hands of the Chinese soldiers one by one and said excitedly: “Thank you, my brother, Long live the friendship between China and Pakistan!”



The friendship between countries lies in the affinity of the people, and the affinity of the people lies in the common heart. Only by constantly and closely interacting with each other can we deepen mutual understanding and mutual trust. Such conviction has become the consensus of officers and men at the meeting station.


One day at the beginning of this year, Mullah Asmu, a herder in the Balahon Valley of Bafang, suffered a heart attack while grazing his cattle and was in critical condition. However, due to traffic obstructions and limited local medical conditions, the herdsman’s life was in danger. The Pakistani side immediately asked for help from our meeting station, hoping to send the herdsmen to China’s Tashkurgan County Hospital for rescue. At that time, the border area between China and Pakistan was in a cold winter retreat. After learning of this situation, the meeting station quickly asked the superiors, and at the same time contacted the local government, coordinated with the border inspection station and customs to open a green channel for entry, so that Asmumullah could receive timely treatment and get rid of the danger to his life.


“Rather give up gold, not give up Sino-Pakistani friendship”. Dai Liming told reporters that not long ago, our Consulate General in Karachi, Pakistan, suffered a terrorist attack. Two Pakistani police officers died to protect the security of the consulate. The Pakistani side said that the Pakistan-China friendship is unique and precious, and will protect the safety of Chinese friends in Pakistan like its own citizens. Afterward, Chinese netizens who were deeply moved also enthusiastically donated to the two Pakistani police officers who unfortunately died, fully reflecting the profound friendship between the two peoples.


Chen Zhengshan, political commissar of the Kashgar Military Subdistrict, where the meeting station of the Hongqirapu talks and meeting is located, said with emotion: Over the past few years, the talks and meetings between China and Pakistan have achieved remarkable results, and the two sides have further deepened their friendship in treating each other sincerely, supporting each other, and providing mutual benefit and assistance. This valuable and sincere exchange has also laid a solid foundation for China and Pakistan to jointly maintain border security and stability. It is believed that with the joint efforts of China and Pakistan and the two militaries, the future of China-Pakistan friendship will be better, as sung in the “Song of China-Pakistan Friendship”: “My friends come from far away and bring the dream of the Belt and Road Initiative.” Day or night, we walk on the road. ”


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