Global Security Initiative offers Chinese wisdom for peace

China recently released the Global Security Initiative Concept Paper to lay out core ideas and principles as well as the priorities, platforms, and mechanisms of cooperation. The Global Security Initiative (GSI) is designed to promote global security and enhance cooperation around the world. The initiative aims to eliminate the root causes of international conflicts, improve global security governance, encourage joint international efforts to bring more stability and certainty to a volatile and changing era and promote durable peace and development in the world.

The GSI is an important initiative for several reasons. First, it recognizes the interconnected nature of global security and the need for countries to work together to address common threats. Second, it provides a platform for countries to share resources and expertise, which can help to address security threats more effectively. Third, the initiative promotes the values of mutual respect and equality, which can help build stronger and more positive relationships between countries.

This initiative has been widely commended and warmly received by the international community. The Chinese foreign ministry said more than 80 countries and a number of international organizations have expressed appreciation and support for the GSI.

China has actively engaged in mediation diplomacy and made unremitting efforts for the political settlement of hotspot issues including the Iranian nuclear issue, the issues on the Korean Peninsula, the Syrian issue, and the Palestinian question.

Not long ago, Saudi Arabia and Iran held talks in Beijing and achieved major outcomes. The two countries announced their decision to resume diplomatic relations, which is a successful practice of the GSI and sets a good example of how countries in the region can resolve disputes and differences and achieve good neighborliness and friendship through dialogue and consultations.

After suffering from colonization, Western aggression, and various external interventions, China has learned a lot, and become strong, smart, and united. After a long struggle and hard work, it has earned the status of the second-largest economy and become a major global power. With the rise of its economy, development, and prosperity, China is in a position to help the world and contribute to humankind. It has the capacity and strong will to enhance global peace, security, and development.

The GSI offers a range of benefits for countries that participate, including increased security, economic opportunities, and improved relations. As such, the GSI is an important initiative that should be supported and encouraged by the international community.

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  1. Interesting and very informative. This initiative has the potential to save the aggressive ,oppressive and exploitative policies of the current “international order” organised after 2nd world war.

  2. Excellent.. Wise… Visionary

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