Experts and intellectuals have cautioned that the evolving US-China strategic competition will have serious implications for Pakistan’s foreign policy and would create new regional alliances.

The speakers discussed various dimensions of the subject from theoretical and practical perspectives and suggested policy recommendations for Pakistan under the developing scenario.

The seminar was organized by the Centre of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR).

COPAIR President Amna Malik said global peace and diplomacy were the focus of the seminar and discussed means to tackle global issues and US-China strategic competition.

The COPAIR president reckoned that the competition of the great powers is impacting Pakistan directly and indirectly because this century is the century of strategic alliances and innovations.

Speaking on the occasion, the Head of the Department of International Relations at Numl University Dr. Mohammad Riaz Shad highlighted the containment policy of the US against China in the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. Besides, Dr. Riaz discussed the trade war and regional alliances of both Powers.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Riaz suggested that Pakistan should adopt a balanced approach and neutrality.

Writer and columnist Prof Zamir Awan expressed that Pakistan is a window for China. Pakistan helped China during China’s economic blockade by the US in the 1950s. Pakistan played a vital role in establishing diplomatic relations between the US and China in the 1970s. It has the potential to bridge and narrow down the gaps between the US and China under the current situation too.

Dean of Social Sciences at Islamic International University Dr. Amna Mahmood also spoke at the occasion.

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