Speakers for implementation of the Chinese development model in Pakistan

The speakers in a roundtable discussion on Tuesday said that Pakistan should learn and implement the Chinese development model and there was a need to move ahead from subsidiary issues.

The Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) organized a roundtable discussion on ‘China’s 20th National Congress: To Prosperity and Beyond’.

The eminent speakers included visiting professors at China Renmin University Prof. Dr. Zhou Rong, founding chair of GSRRA Prof. Engr. Zameer Ahmed Awan, Head of China Study Centre COMSATS university Dr. Tahir Mumtaz Awan, a Diplomatic Historian and lecturer at the University of Colombo Dr. George I.H. Cooke and a political economist Shakeel Ahmad Ramay. The session was moderated by Sabah Aslam, founder of IICR.

Participating in the discussion virtually from China, Prof. Zhou Rong said that the western social setup is deteriorating with the ever-increasing wealth gap in society. Whereas the Chinese model of development based on a socialist system encourages cooperation, mutual learning, and peaceful development.

Prof. Rong added that the Chinese development model is indigestible for the west due to which it is engaged in massive propaganda and its leadership.

Prof. Engr. Zameer Ahmed Awan said that China is contributing to the world economy with its shared progress ideology. It silently worked on organizing its internal dynamics and then aspire to lead the world. He said the world is acknowledging Chinese progress. The key to the Chinese socio-economic miracle lies in the trust of people in its leadership.

Dr. Tahir Mumtaz said China is pursuing socialist modernization by integrating Chinese characteristics into the country.

China is comprehensively working on human development at home and abroad and there is a lesson for countries in it. He said Pakistan should learn and implement the Chinese development model and Pakistan needs to move ahead from subsidiary issues it is facing.

Joining from Sri Lanka Dr. George I.H. Cooke said that China’s role in all international organizations is significant. He said that China has positively contributed to global organizations either politically or financially.

Shakeel Ramay said the biggest challenge to China is to counter the Xi-Phobia of the west. He said that China would also have to counter propaganda against China as a whole. Ramay said that there is a need for reforms in the CPC in the coming years because China has to play a major and complicated role in the coming years.

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