The 20th CPC National Congress

On this occasion whereas, on October 16, the Communist Party of China will convene its 20th National Congress. It will be a very important meeting to be held at a critical time as China embarks on a new journey toward its second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country in all respects. China has already emerged as a global power and is playing a vital role in the global economy, security, stability, peace, development, and prosperity. At this national congress, the Communist Party of China will fully review the major achievements made and valuable experience gained in China’s reform and development endeavors. 

Based on past experience and collective wisdom, under the visionary leadership of President Xi Jinping, who is also the Secretary General of CPC, and Chairman of the Military Commission, will also formulate programs of action and overarching policies to meet China’s new development goals on the journey ahead in the new era and the new expectations of the people. Hope China will continue to follow the Chinese path to modernization to achieve the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and we will continue to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. By doing so, China will create enormous new opportunities for the world with new advances in global development and may contribute vision and strength to world peace and development, and human progress.

• China is following Socialism with Chinese characteristics which suit Chinese society and system. It is based on Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong’s thoughts, Deng Xiaoping’s reforms, and the vision of President Xi Jinping. It has been proved a successful model of governance in China, and hope it will remain intact and continue being practiced in the future too.

• China was facing poverty up to 88 percent in the 1970s, and early 1980s, but, due to the hard work of the Chinese people and the right policies& reforms introduced by the consecutive governments in China, the national economy kept on improving, and people’s life kept on improving for almost four decades. Under the great leadership of President Xi, China has eliminated absolute poverty in 2020 and successfully established a moderate prospering society. It was a mega achievement of China and must be admired by the rest of the world. Many countries are following the Chinese development model to improve their economy and people’s life. 

• Major credit goes to President Xi, for his strict discipline and fight against corruption. Corruption is an international phenomenon and a major obstacle to the development of a country. But, since, President Xi, took charge of his office, his strict discipline and fight against corruption were exercised, as a result, China has overcome the curse of corruption and achieved marvelous developments. 

• China was the first victim of COVID-19, but the able leadership of President Xi has handled it successfully. China became the number one country defeating COVID-19 and also helped many developing countries to fight against COVID-19. Pakistan was one of the most beneficiaries of Chinese assistance and successfully overcame this challenge. 

• President Xi is not only a leader for the Chinese but, in fact, he is a global leader, his vision is global, focusing on the whole of humankind. Under his leadership, CPC developed linkages and extended interaction with many other political parties globally. His mega initiative of Belt and Road (BRI), is an innovative approach to global developments. His philosophy of win-win cooperation, enhance connectivity, development of infrastructure, creation of economic activities, and more opportunities have produced positive results. Pakistan is one of the most beneficiaries of BRI. China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project, and one of the most advanced stage projects. The people of Pakistan are reaping the fruits of CPEC and are grateful to the people and government of China. 

• For the last four decades, Chinese people worked very hard, and the international environments were in favor of China to development. However, currently, China is facing some external challenges, as few nations, wanted to contain China, counter China, and resist China’s rise. Under the current scenario, to keep the same pace of development, China needs to double its struggle and hard work. There is an uphill task ahead. 

• Under the great leadership of President Xi, CPC has enhanced diplomatic activities and promoted international interaction. As a result, CPC’s image has improved globally.

• President Xi has met the expectations of the people of China, during his two terms as President of China, he has many mega achievements to his credit. The success of his visionary leadership and outstanding ideology has transformed China into a global power. To continue the same policies, and the same pace of development, it is expected that during the 20th Congress of CPC, President Xi may be granted another term of five years. As a matter of fact, with the visible challenges ahead, China needs a strong leader like President Xi. 

I, on behalf of my organization GSRRS (Global Silk Route Research Alliance), and on the behalf of the people of Pakistan, congratulate from the core of my heart, the Government, and the people of China, and express best wishes and pray for full success and more achievements. Good luck forever.

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