Massacre in Bosnia

Lest we forget! Today In Remembrance of 350,000  Bosnian Muslims Death didn’t come easy ….

*The Genocide by the Christian Serbs against the Muslims of Bosnia.*

? *Approximately        100,000 Muslims were martyred.*

? *60,000 women and girls were raped.*

? *One and a half million people were abandoned.*

*Do we remember it* ❓

*Or have we forgotten it* ❓

*Or are we totally ignorant about it* ❓

?Christiana Amanpour of CNN spoke about the memory of the Bosnian massacres and  asks:

Does history repeat itself?

✏She comments on the memory of Bosnia:

It was a Medieval war of killing, blockade, and starvation of Muslims, and *Europe refused to intervene saying that it was a civil war*. . . That was a myth.

⛓The Holocaust lasted for about 4 years, during which the Serbs demolished more than 800 mosques, some of which were built in the 16th century.

They burned the Sarajevo Historical Library.

?The United Nations interfered and placed two gates at the entrances of Muslim cities such as Goraga, Srebrenica, and Zepa.

But they were under siege and fire and their protection did nothing.

?The Serbs put thousands of Muslims in detention camps, tortured them, and starved them until they became skeletons!

?When a Serb commander was asked: Why?  He said,

“Because they don’t eat pork!

✏ The Guardian published” The days of the Bosnian Massacres”, a full-page map showing the locations of the rape camps of Muslim women,

17 huge camps, some within Serbia itself.

?The Serbs raped children. A 4-year-old girl, blood running between her legs.

The Guardian published a report on it entitled:

The child whose guilt is being a Muslim.

?Butcher Mladic invited the Leader of the Muslims in Zepa to a meeting. He gave him a cigarette, laughed with him a little, then swooped on him and slaughtered him.

?The most famous crime was the siege of Srebrenica, the international soldiers (crusaders) were together with the Serbs, dancing, and some bargained for Muslim women regarding their chastity, in exchange for a bite of food.

?The Serbs had besieged Srebrenica for two years during which the shelling didn’t stop for a moment.

The Serbs were also taking a large part of the aid meant to go to the Muslim towns.

?Then the West decided to hand it over to the wolves. The Dutch battalion protecting Srebrenica conspired with the Serbs. They pressed Muslims to surrender their weapons in exchange for safety.

The Muslims bowed after being tortured and punished.

?After having given *False Guarantees,* the Serbs swooped on Srebrenica.

They isolated the males from their females,

They gathered 12,000 males (Boys and men) and massacred them in different forms:

One Serb stood on a Muslim man, and he dug on his face the image of the Orthodox Cross….

(From a Newsweek or Time magazine report).

?As for the women, they were assaulted regarding their honor and some of them were burned … others were left in the open heat to die slowly.

?The slaughter continued for days in Srebrenica. Its fall was in late July 1995

? A mother was holding the hand of a Serbian man saying .. “Please do not slaughter my son”, so he cut her hand and then placed his cut-off head in front of her eyes!

?The massacre was taking place while the rest of the World could see, hear, eat, have fun and play ..

?After the slaughter of Srebrenica … Butcher Radovan Karagic entered the city, and openly declared: “Srebrenica was always Serbian and has now returned to the hands of the Serbs.”

?The Serbs were raping the Muslim women, and they were holding them for 9 months until they gave birth.


A Serbian told a Western newspaper “We want Muslim women to give birth to Serb babies”

✏We remember Bosnia, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, and Srebrenica.

✏We will mention it and bring it back

✏We will not forget the Balkans.

✏We will never forget Granada.

✏We will not forget Palestine.

?On the memory of 20 years since the crime of Europe and Serbia in Bosnia we say:

?We will not forget,

?we will not forgive,

?We will never believe in

Slogans of Tolerance, Coexistence, and Human rights.

?Here we must record with the ink of shame … the positions of the Orthodox Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who was at that time the Secretary General of the United Nations,

He sided blatantly with his Serb brothers.

?But unfortunately, after 20 years, we did not learn any lesson.

? The Serbs were singling out

Religious Scholars, Masjid Imams, Intellectuals, and Businessmen for killing. They tied them, then slaughtered them, and threw them in the river!

?When the Serbs entered a town, they started by demolishing its Masjids.

One of the Muslims says:

“If the Serbs demolished the town’s Masjid, we would have nothing to do but flee from it, the Masjids represented everything!

? A British newspaper described the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia in this phrase: War of the twentieth century waged in the style of the middle centuries!


Let us not forget our history and let us remind future generations.

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

(A message to those fascinated by Western Civilization) . . .

*A bitter pill to swallow……*


  1. It’s was really sad & unjust . Once one recalls blood shed of Bosnia , it gives shock to whole body . Allah Almighty may guide , help and enable human being to be on right path to facilitate each other irrespective of religion n cast instead of taking lives .

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