President Xi is one of the most popular leaders among Pakistani youth

President Xi Jinping, who is also the Secretary-General of CPC and Chairman Military Commission, is emerging as a global leader. His philosophy and governance approach is gaining wider recognition. Scholars and researchers are interested to understand his ideology and the rapid development of China. 

Born on 15 June 1953, in Fuping County in Shaanxi, Province, an Engineer by profession, rose to the highest position in China as President, with full political and military powers, considered the strongest leader in the current world.

He has served in various positions from the lower level and by virtue of his hard work, gradually rose to several positions including from county level to provincial and then central government, before becoming President of China in 2013.

He has spent the initial days of his life in the community and understands the hardships of common people, his experience in various positions has made him mature day by day, and with the passage of time, his thinking kept on getting mature, and wise, and transformed his as a philosopher. By virtue of his immense interaction with common people, his grip on domestic affairs was very strong and his understanding of the common man’s concerns was very clear. His understanding of Marxism, and socialism, was equally very well. He inherited Chairman Mao’s thoughts and Deng Xiao Ping’s theory of reforms. 

Based on his wisdom and practical experience, he evolved “Chinese Characteristic Socialism”. In fact, his approach was to refine and improve the Chinese system, based on Marxism, Socialism, Chairman Mao’s thoughts, and Deng Xiao Ping’s, to suit Chinese society, culture, and traditions and facilitate reforms and developments. 

 Based on his ideology, China has been refined and improved to become the second-largest economy. In several aspects, China has surpassed many milestones and left the Western World much behind. China’s mega achievement under the kind leadership of President Xi is the eradication of poverty, which was around 88 % in the late 1970s, and completely eradicated in 2020. China is the only country that has lifted around 800 million people from poverty and transformed the country into a moderate prospering society. Curbing corruption was another mega achievement of President Xi.

China’s advancements in Science Technology, Infrastructure developments, Agriculture, telecommunications, Space Technology, Trade, and the social sector are much appreciated globally. China’s fight against COVID was again an example cited by the rest of the world.

President Xi is a kind person and always cares about people, in return, the public loves him and follows him. His reputation and respect for the ordinary person in China are very high. He always struggled to keep his people happy, prosper and ensure them a comfortable life. People have full confidence in his leadership and are loyal to him. 

President Xi is not only a favorite leader in China but, equally popular in the rest of the world. Especially in the developing world. His ideology and successful governance model are considered role models and many nations are studying it, trying to replicate it, and following his footprints, in their journey of development.

Pakistan is a close friend of China and the largest beneficiary of the Chinese mega initiative of BRI is impressed by his wisdom, philosophy, governance model, and perception of humankind. There are 21 Universities in Pakistan, who has established China Study Centers, and dozens of think tanks focused on China and its ideology. Scholars and researchers are focusing on China’s developments and its approach to global welfare. His books, lectures, speeches, and statements are often cited by academicians in Pakistan. Media is equally playing a positive role in spreading his philosophy, wisdom, and development model.

As a result, youth in Pakistan is looking toward China as a hope. China has become the favorite destination for education, and every year number of youth applying for admission to Chinese universities has been increasing exponentially. (With an exception in the last two years due to the COVID situation). The Chinese government is also offering liberal scholarships to Pakistani youth. There is almost 30,000 Pakistani youth studying in China, and almost an equal number has been graduated from Chinese universities and been repatriated back to Pakistan, serving in various positions. China graduates are serving the purpose of ambassador of goodwill and bringing the two nations closer to each other. 

There are five Confucius Institutes in Pakistan currently, and a few more are in pipeline. They are teaching the Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture and understanding. They are producing human resources equipped with China knowledge. 

As the youth of Pakistan are impressed by President Xi’s ideology and the rapid development of China, they are attracted to learn more about China and believe that China is the future. I am very much optimistic about the growing friendship between China and Pakistan.

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