Chinese Miraculous developments serve as a role model.

The rise of China, and its rapid development is unprecedented. Many people around the world appreciate the Chinese model of development, yet, few countries feel a threat to their monopoly and supremacy. Scholars and researchers are studying China and exploring the reasons for miraculous developments. To understand China, it is vital to learn Chinese history, civilization, and philosophy.

Chinese civilization is extensive and profound and has a long history stretching back to antiquity. It is the cultural identity of the Chinese nation, the foundation of contemporary Chinese culture, the cultural bond holding all Chinese around the globe together, and it is the treasure trove inspiring cultural innovation.

Over the long course of history, the Chinese nation, with perseverance and determination, has endured hardships and traveled extensively, and has ventured into a course of development different from other civilizations. One should gain an in-depth knowledge of Chinese civilization’s development over more than 5,000 years and extensive research into its history, so that world at large will develop a keener awareness of Chinese history, build up cultural confidence, adhere to the path of development with Chinese characteristics, and work together to build the whole world a better place to live, especially a safe and comfortable place for coming generations.

One characteristic of Chinese society is that always viewed the history of the Chinese nation from the standpoint of historical materialism and inherited and carried forward fine traditional Chinese culture. Chinese learned a lot from the West, but, have not abandoned their own culture and traditions. That is the major reason to keep the Chinese a unique nation.

Scholars and researchers have traced the origins of Chinese civilization and proved that China’s history includes million of years of humanity, 10,000 years of culture, and more than 5,000 years of civilization.

Scholars and researchers have been using the latest technologies of such frontier subjects as biology, molecular biology, chemistry, geoscience, and physics have been used on the analysis of Chinese ancient history, which has provided the origin-tracing of Chinese civilization with a solid scientific base and broadened the knowledge of the 5,000-plus-year history. Tracing the origins of civilization and research on its formation is a complex, time-consuming, and systematic project. Archaeological exploration and literature research has been combined with tools and methods of natural sciences. Factors including material and cultural conditions and forms of social relations have been comprehensively studied, to gradually restore the development path of a civilization from its birth to prosperity.

China’s fine traditional culture represents the wisdom and essence of Chinese civilization, it is the root and soul of the Chinese nation and serves as the foundation for China to gain a firm footing amidst global cultural interaction. China has integrated the basic tenets of Marxism with China’s actual conditions and with China’s fine traditional culture, constantly adapting modern ideologies to the Chinese context and the needs of the times and promoting the creative transformation and development of its fine traditional Chinese culture. China kept on innovating based on past experience, adapting China’s fine traditional culture to socialist society and displaying the unique symbol of the Chinese nation to bolster the Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese strength.

Since ancient times, Chinese civilization has been known for its openness and inclusiveness, and it has gained new vitality through exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations. It always upholds and promotes civilization concepts that emphasize equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness and understand different civilizations’ recognitions of their own value connotations with an open mind. It always respects different countries’ and peoples’ exploration of their own development paths. It always removed civilization misunderstandings through cultural exchanges, avoid civilization clashes by learning from each other, and replace civilization supremacy with the coexistence of civilizations. It strongly believes to carry forward the common values of humanity that Chinese civilization epitomizes and promotes the development of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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