China is capable to handle the Taiwan issue

President Joe Biden has openly told the use of force to protect Taiwan while addressing a press conference in Japan. It is a clear violation of the one-China policy and is considered a direct intervention in China’s internal affairs. While establishing diplomatic relations with China in the 1970s, the US agreed to a “one-China policy”. Deviation from the agreed policy is a very serious matter and may bear consequences.

Being lived in China for a long, and having interacted with the Chinese at the grass-root level, I noticed that the common man in China is very sensitive to Taiwan issues. It seems the 1.4 billion people have a consensus for the peaceful reunification of Taiwan with mainland China. They may not accept any interference in the domestic affairs of their sovereign state. 

The US has been using the Taiwan issue to politicize and coerce China. It is part of an anti-China adventure and efforts to contain China, and resist the peaceful rise of China. It is part of the counter-China policy. There are many other policies aiming to counter China, but, the Taiwan issue is one of the most hurting impacts. 

His Statement from Japan, a traditional rival of China and a history of enmity, has intensified the feelings of the Chinese people. It has reminded the era of Japanese aggression, and atrocities used against China. 

Experts and analysts believe that the overall visit to Asia is aimed to create an alliance against China and isolate it in the region. Japan being the first stop, his statement has ignited the situation already. 

However, China is a mature state, and centuries-old wisdom leads it to counter it politically and diplomatically. China has had a stated policy of peaceful rise for the last four decades and avoids any confrontation with any state. China has observed patients and restrains on several occasions. It believes in settling all disputes and differences through political and diplomatic dialogue under the UN Charter. It has been exercising this practice and expects all other nations also exercise a similar approach. 

However, China has already declared that Taiwan is its red line and asked the international community not to cross the red line. 

China is a very sensible nation and capable to handle the situation under any circumstances. It is not expected that China will overreact immediately. But, it is sure that appropriate measures will be taken to protect its integrity and sovereignty. 

Although China has the capability to take over Taiwan by force, yet, it has never done in the past and does not intend to do in the future. It has been always struggling for a political solution and sustainable resolution. It wanted to keep the whole region stable and prosper and always avoided any hostility in or around Taiwan. Taiwan is an integral part of China and it feels its moral duty to keep the prosperity and stability of Taiwan. It has been avoiding any disaster for the people of Taiwan. 

However, the US is aiming to harm the stability and security of not only Taiwan and China but the whole region. The US has no capability to send its troops to Taiwan nor has it sent its troops to Ukraine. The American way of handing is to give a big statement and if an actual need arises, they keep their distance. Similar to the situation in Ukraine. 

We should not compare the Russia –Ukraine issue to the Taiwan-China issue, both are quite different in nature, but, the American approach is similar in both cases. They wanted to instigate create tension and support Taiwan for any hostile activities but will not stand with them. 

It is hoped that the US may think positively and abide by the agreement reached – One China Policy, and refrain from intervening in the domestic affairs of China. It will ensure the smooth and sustainable development of the region and add to global stability, security, and prosperity. China is already a major contributor to the global economy and balancing power in geopolitics. The Chinese policy of peaceful development may be exercised by other nations too. The UN and international community may also play their role in bringing stability and prosperity to the whole world. 

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