All Confucius Institutes in Pakistan are functional

As a part of the hybrid war imposed on Pakistan. Fake news, fabricated stories, and distorted narrative are propagated in Pakistan. The source may be outside Pakistan, but, many Pakistani innocently also become part of this hybrid war and harm the national interests, unknowingly. 

The West has written off Pakistan and trying its best to isolate Pakistan and push it into a severe crisis. Whereas China is standing with Pakistan at all critical moments. The West is trying to create a misunderstanding between China and Pakistan. Media is being used as a strong tool to build an anti-China narrative.

Last few days, there were many fake news and stories regarding China-Pakistan relations. One of the latest news regarding Confucius Institutes. There are five established Confucius Institutes in Pakistan, and a few more are in the pipeline. The major function of Confucius Institutes is to teach the Chinese Language and bridge the culture between the two nations. They are promoting Chinese culture in Pakistan and also promoting Pakistani culture in China. The understanding of each other’s culture minimizes their chance of misunderstanding and brings the two friendly nations closer to each other. Confucius’s Institutes play a vital role in bringing harmony and understanding between two nations. Relationships based on mutual understanding are always more robust and durable.

Confucius Institutes are mostly the gift of the Chinese Government to Pakistan and are generally funded by the Chinese Government. Teaching Materials and teachers are generally provided by the Chinese Government, without any financial liability to the Government of Pakistan. Thousands of Pakistani youth have studied the Chinese language in these institutes and many of them have won scholarships to study in China. 

Some ill-motivated news reading about the closure of Confucius Institutes and returning of Chinese teachers was circulating in the media, especially on social media. Chinese Embassy has also taken notice of this fake news and anti-China propaganda. The spokesperson at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan has clarified as:-

There is no truth in the news being circulated on social media that Confucius Institutes across Pakistan have been closed after the Karachi incident last month.

A spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Islamabad on Tuesday said all the Confucius Institutes in Pakistan were operational and none of them has been shut down.

While responding to the news being circulated all the teaching activities at various Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in Pakistan would be carried out through online or offline ways by the Chinese and Pakistani teachers and the partnering universities of China.

On April 26, at least four people including three Chinese nationals were killed while four others were injured in a suicide attack outside the University of Karachi’s Confucius Institute.

The spokesperson said after discussions with the concerned departments of Pakistan, some Chinese teachers had returned to China for the upcoming summer vacation and would, as per request, return at an appropriate time.

In the meantime, she said, the Chinese side planned to provide more quality teaching resources to meet the needs of the Pakistani students to learn the Chinese language.

The roots of China-Pakistan’s pure friendship are so deep that anyone can not shake the trust and love between the two countries. The Enemies of China and Pakistan may try, but, rest assured, all of them will fail ultimately. Both countries have built their relations on basic principles of equality, respect, non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs, and mutual benefits. 

Both countries are committed to jointly facing challenges imposed by common enemies and it is believed that with our joint efforts we may overcome all hurdles and keep on our ideal relations as a model for the rest of the world to follow in international relations. Both governments are in full harmony and there exists a mechanism of mutual consultation and exchange of views on various important aspects. Trust, confidence, and close interaction is key to strengthening our pure friendship. Long lives the traditional friendship between the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

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