India lacks sincerity and persistence in International relations

Author:  Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization). (E-mail:

India has abstained from US-backed UN resolutions on Ukraine and continues to buy Russian oil. Despite signing defense treaties with the US, yet, procured S-400 from Russia. The import of Russian coal has increased sharply after the Ukraine war. India and Russia are working on a rupee-ruble mechanism to facilitate trade and get around Western sanctions on Russian banks, according to media reports. It is an open violation of US policies on the petro-dollar. Even, during the sanctions on Iran, India was getting oil and gas from Iran at discounted rates. 

The US has all exceptions for India and always kept a soft corner. Especially, President Joe Biden, who was the architect of US-India relations. After the disintegration of the former USSR, India desperately looked toward the West. It used all its tricks to convince the Western world and shifted into the Western club. 


The US policy shift was traced back to the 1990s, but, more visible was since 2004. They signed a series of agreements in various fields, including a few in defense, and became “Major Defense Partners”. Today, India is a strategic partner and member of Quad. The US depends or wishes to depend on India to contain China, resist the rise of China, and counter the Chinese influence in this region. 

These are the few reasons, why, the US ignores and overlooks Indian violations of American policies. India is an opportunist nation and avails each opportunity to get maximum benefits. Indian policy to grab any possibility of getting any benefit from ant country may not live long. The world has understood the Indian approach and it has been exposed already.

Indian policy to play both sides and explore opportunities only, reveals a lack of sincerity with anyone. That is the reason why India has spoiled its relations with all its neighbors. India was the beneficiary of the American occupation of Afghanistan for two decades and mourned the withdrawal from Afghanistan. India’s true face has been revealed to the Oil-rich Middle East, and they are keeping their distance from India. India was a beneficiary of the oil wealth of the Middle East and exploited them, but, it reached an end. 

It will face more isolation in the days to come. It might enjoy the closeness with the US, but, in the region, it will be isolated further. 

Under the shield of America, India is using brutal atrocities to eliminate its minorities. Especially, the worst violations of human rights in Kashmir. Internally, India is leading toward unrest, divide, civil war, and disintegration. The worst thing is that due to American silence on Indian violations, the EU is also keeping silent. It gives more courage and support to increase its cruelty further. 

India is exploiting the situation everywhere, whenever there is a crisis, India explores opportunities only. During the cold-war era, India was milking USSR and after the disintegration of the former USSR, India turned toward the West and taping them. 

Although India is a country of 1.2 billion population, a huge market for the West, but, the Caste division, extreme poverty, intolerance, and extremism are the major hurdle in the way to develop it as a nation. Indian domestic issues are abnormally complex and numerous. At least, in the near future, India may not be able to overcome the internal crisis and raise up as a strong country. The US and Western world may expect something from India, but, will be disappointed soon and may leave them alone. Genetically, Indians are not dependable partners and not trustworthy. In international relations, selfishness is not sustainable and requires sincerity and persistence, which India lacks a lot. 

It will be much better for India to address its domestic issues first, change its mentality, and then enter into International relations. 

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