The World keeps a close eye on China’s upcoming ‘Two Sessions’

The “Two Sessions” is an annual event and is usually held in March every year, when thousands of Chinese lawmakers participate in devising the future course of action in every dimension of China’s development and its people’s wellbeing. 

Apart from discussions, there will be a dialogue on future progress and a series of policy measures. This year the event is scheduled to kick off on March 4, when the fifth annual session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) will be held. While on March 5, the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) will open its fifth annual session. These important sessions will undertake a comprehensive review of overall government progress, governance-related matters, and national-level policy reports along with taking important decisions to finalize and implement the country’s national economy and development plans. These sessions will also examine and draft central and local budgets for 2022 at national and local levels.

The “Two Sessions” is a very important event for China’s political system and the world always keeps a close eye on them to understand the country’s course of action during the following year. It is well understood that what happens in China will have a wide-ranging impact on the entire global economy and worldwide development. If China prospers, the global economy will also follow a positive path, and if China develops, it will have a supportive impact on global developments, with China being a major contributor to the global economy and worldwide development. I myself am also very much focused on the “Two Sessions” as it helps me to keep up to date with China’s affairs.

As a window for the world to observe China’s development and progress, the “Two Sessions” is significant for promoting national unity and clarity in the overall vision and mission of the nation. Voices from all over China show that these sessions also have the effect of bolstering national enthusiasm. The outcomes of these sessions are significant as they impact China’s national-level development as well as the development of the wider world.

Regarding the pandemic, China was the first country to become a victim of COVID-19, but due to its strict policies, it became the first country to bring the COVID-19 virus under control. It was the hard work of the Chinese people and the country’s visionary leadership that allowed for the right policies at the right time. Chinese scientists worked very hard and developed many new approaches, technologies, and devices to defeat COVID-19. In the meantime, China has achieved excellence in the prevention of epidemics as well as developing effective vaccines in the fight against the virus.

Like other areas, China has invested in high tech and innovation and resultantly has achieved several milestones in many areas. It is believed that during the “Two Sessions” there will be a greater focus on education, science, technology, research, and innovation. China recognizes the importance of these areas and possesses a huge capacity to produce desired results. It has the potential for major breakthroughs and the “Two Sessions” may provide the framework and requisite budget to prioritize advances in this respect.

China has emerged as a major global power and the country’s leadership is in a strong position to formulate policies in the best interests of its people. Furthermore, China is a peace-loving nation and has continued to strive for global peace, stability, and development. While China is not exempt from the influence of external disturbances, the country’s visionary leadership is ready to address all possible challenges during this year’s “Two Sessions.”

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