It is a rare opportunity that permanent peace and stability may be achieved in this region. The US invasion of Afghanistan, was not limited to control the natural resources of Afghanistan only, but, to keep eye on Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia, Russia, and China. Unstable Afghanistan was in the interest of The US to make a lame excuse to prolong its stay in Afghanistan and achieve its strategic goals.

But, the Taliban fought against American occupation for two decades, sacrificed their family members, friends, colleagues, and faced jails, interrogations, tortures, etc., and finally forced them to leave Afghanistan. Now, not only there are no military bases in Afghanistan or in the whole region, but there is no American influence in the whole region. In fact, there are anti-America sentiments all over the region. The region is America-free and clean & clear. Of course, the Americans will never forget, the humiliation they faced in Afghanistan. In a recent briefing, the Secretary of Defense told Congressmen, the real cause of defeat and admitted his miscalculations and blunders. The US would like to take revenge on the Taliban and create hurdles for them. One should not expect anything good from the US in regards to the Taliban.

In fact, the US wanted to destabilize Afghanistan and keep its influence in this region. They have evacuated around 125 thousand Afghans working for the US government, directly or indirectly, undercover CIA agents and informers. But, there are still folds of this number of American agents, CIA agents, living in Afghanistan. There are also 18000 defense contractors staying in Afghanistan. The US has shifted ISIS-K into Afghanistan since long ago, equipped them, trained them, and funded them. These are American assets in Afghanistan to destabilize it once again. Unstable Afghanistan suits Americans to exploited and achieve its strategic goals.

The US has frozen its assets, imposed economic sanctions, destroyed its country, infrastructure, agriculture, businesses, etc. The situation in Afghanistan is rather pathetic. The country is facing an acute shortage of food, fuel, consumer products, if humanitarian assistance is not released immediately, 40 million people of Afghanistan may face severe challenges. Their life s in danger, a catastrophe may occur.

The regional countries may take appropriate actions to recuse human lives in Afghanistan. Extend a helping hand to the Taliban to stabilize the country and establish the writ of the government. Since, 15 August 2021, when the Taliban retook Afghanistan, their performance was excellent. First of all, they have not killed, arrested, tortured, or harmed anyone, while recapturing Kabul.  No revenge at all! Secondly, they have granted a general amnesty to all, including pro-American Afghans and all foreign nationals. They have facilitated the evacuation of all foreigners and Afghan nationals having valid visas and travel documents. They have successfully established a law and order situation under control. Today, life in Afghanistan is very calm and quiet. Everything is normal and functioning in a routine matter. Government machinery, bureaucracy, is functions perfectly. Shops are opened, traffic is in routine flow. Women are working as usual. Girls are going to school in a routine matter. The crime rate has reduced, people feel safe and comfortable. However, the economy is facing challenges as the US has frozen its assets and imposed sanctions. The interim government is expanding to include all factions, ethnicities and moving toward a broad-based government. Taliban have learned from bitter experiences and are refined and reformed. The world has witnessed absolutely gentle, kind, and smart Taliban.  Of course, they should not involve the American agents and puppets like Ashraf Ghani or Hamid Karzai or their group. It was the Taliban, who pushed Americans out, and they deserve to form their own government, with local traditions and customs.

The international community should recognize the Taliban government and extend all possible help to stabilize them. It is not expected that the Americans will support the Taliban Government, neither the close allies of the US. But, the regional countries, who are also beneficiaries of a Stable and peaceful Afghanistan, should come forward and proactively support the Taliban. Russia and China being the regional powers may lead first.

Imagine! If the Taliban failed, Afghanistan once again pushed into chaos, unrest, instability, etc. The US and its allies may exploit the situation once again. It will provide a lame excuse for Americans to interfere in this region and harm the whole region. Unstable Afghanistan may move toward extremists, terrorism, and civil war, which may have an adverse impact on the whole region. Think wisely! Act Smartly!

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