Taliban has declared a general amnesty and announced that no one will be arrested or punished. They have announced to provide protection to all, including all Afghan nationals, irrespective of their affiliation, race, ethnicity, faction, religion, ideology, etc. Similarly, they have guaranteed the safety of all embassies, UN missions, diplomats, Media persons, tourists, businessmen, all foreign nationals, irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, faith, ethnicity, etc.

Taliban has not only announced this policy but has demonstrated it practically. Although, for two long decades, the Western bias media was spreading fake news, fabricated stories, and distorted image of the Taliban. But, on the ground, the world has witnessed that the Taliban are kind, gentle, smart, and generous people. They are very well educated, equipped with modern knowledge along with religion. They understand the pros and cons of politics and the economy. They are also well acquainted with diplomatic etiquettes.

Taliban has not forbidden anyone from leaving Afghanistan, either Afghan nationals or Foreigner. Then there is no need to create panic and chaos. Why the western media is creating hype and making people gathering at the airport? Is the Western media ill-motives to create unrest in Afghanistan? Practically, the Taliban has not stopped anyone from leaving Afghanistan.

However, there were 7500 American troops only, and the US has been claiming to evacuate 13000 people each day. There were how many civilian Americans are in Afghanistan? What were they doing in such a poor country, they were not there for business or tourism, or charity, they were there for some dangerous missions. Can the US explain?

The US should honor its commitment to withdraw its troops by 31 August 2021. However, if there are some civilians, the Taliban will protect them and allow them to leave Afghanistan at any time as a matter of routine. Taliban are trusted worth and will honor their commitment. We are afraid, it is the US, that has the track record of breaking its promises and unfulfilling its commitments. Taliban are honorable and can be trusted, the world should not believe in unholy media, which has been proved wrong and fake.

The other demand from many Western countries is arising that the Taliban should form an all-inclusive Government. Irrational and unjustifiable demand totally. Taliban has struggled for two decades and fought a war against foreign occupation. They suffered heavy losses, sacrificed martyrdom and some of them were arrested and jailed under American control. Now, they have won the war, recaptured their country, the invaders have been forced to leave their motherland. It is their legitimate right to form their own government and rule the country. No foreign country has the right to dictate them or put conditions on them or advise them. They were welcomed by the people of Afghanistan. It was demonstrated when they recaptured Kabul, there was no resistance, they entered Kabul without any bloodshed and peacefully. The residents welcomed them. Afghan National Army surrendered and has not offered any resistance. Taliban recapture Kabul much smoother than the transition of presidential powers at the White House.

Taliban understands their culture, and traditions, they are the son of the soil, they will not disappoint the people of Afghanistan. They are trying their best to unite all factions, ethnic groups, and forming a broad-based government. The outsiders, especially the US and its allies need not intervene in their domestic politics. As a matter of fact, Foreign powers wanted to reinstate some of the traitors in the new Government to keep their agenda on. It is unfair and should not be accepted.

If the US or its allies are expecting the role of Ashraf Ghani or Hamid Karzai like people, it should be not accepted. Both of them were not Afghan representatives, not sincere with Afghanistan, they have not protected Afghan interests, they were exactly the same people as USSR-backed presidents in the 1980s.

Demanding the Taliban to make an all-inclusive government, is similar, to that if someone demand that Joe Bidden after winning the election but someone demands him to involve President Trump in his administration. Because he is also American and has a significant vote bank etc. The G-7, the US, and all responsible nations must think sensibly and put reasonable demands. Taliban won, let them decide how to make a broad-based government, excluding all traitors, puppets, and agents. The World shout trusts the Taliban and give them freehand and a helping hand, instead of dictating them and coercing them.

Reference Link:- https://www.geopolitika.ru/en/article/g-7-demands-are-unrealistic

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