Ukraine War will end soon

Ukraine War is going to end soon. After suffering heavy casualties and destruction of infrastructure, and other damages, finally, the war is going to end soon. It is because of the fact that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has realized that the US, EU, UK, or NATO is not sincere to save Ukraine.

It was the US, UK, and EU that wanted Ukraine to join NATO, and deploy NATO forces in Ukraine, next door to Russia. Which was posing a direct threat to Russian security. Russia kept on alarming the world that its security concerns are serious and needed to address appropriately. But, The US and its allies were ignoring Russian genuine concerns. Even though Russia has declared Ukraine a red line, but, the US and its allies overlooked all warnings and kept their evil designs of NATO expansion.

The US and EU were instigating Ukraine against Russia and promoting anti-Russia sentiments among the general public. They kept on making false promises to protect Ukraine. But, what actually happened when Russia attacked Ukraine, due to a lack of sincerity, the US, UK, EU, or NATO kept a distance from active war and has not sent their troops. Although they were supplying arms and arming the public, pushing the country into guerrilla warfare, have not supplied the decisive weapons or support.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knocked on all doors of the US, UK, EU, and NATO, for immediate support and urged instant help, but, was disappointed by the lack of interest and cool response. The limited support was not sufficient to save Ukraine. It seems that he has become desperate and irritated by their behaviors and passive response. 

Now, the completely disappointed and frustrated President is seriously convinced that to save his remaining part of the country, needs to talk with Russia. He is taking the Turkish initiative seriously and it seems that they will reach a peace deal soon and the war reaches an end soon.

It is well understood that in the whole episode, the root cause was the US and NATO, but, they were not sincere to save Ukraine at the cost of World War III. The Limited support could not satisfy President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, ultimately, he have to explore other options. The best available option was to talk with Russia and negotiate with them. Usually, such a peace deal to stop the war are one-sided, as the winner party put its own terms and conditions, while the loser party has no option except to sign as it is. The same was witnessed in the case of Germany and Japan during World War I and II. Turkey also signed a one-sided peace deal in 1923 and suffered almost one hundred years. President Saddam Hussain signed a pone side deal to end the occupation of Kuwait. It will be not a strange phenomenon if President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accepts all terms and conditions of Russia and sign a peace deal to end the war and save the reaming part of his country.

Trust, the Ukraine war will end soon, at least everyone wishes to end the war. However, its implications will remain for centuries to come. Its harms to the global economy are already visible. Germany and Austria have already introduced the rationing of Gas for consumers. Polarity in geopolitics has become more visible and the divide is even more severe. New blocks have already emerged and the US has lost its status as a unique superpower during the unipolar world after the disintegration of the former USSR.

There is a general awareness that the US is not a dependable defense partner and countries and nations should not depend on other big countries for their security and survival. India has signed a series of defense agreements with the US and has been declared a Major Defense Partner. But was not helped when was at war with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Ladakh region. Pakistan was a close non-NATO ally with the US, but was not helped during its war with India in 1971, and lost half of the country. The US was never a trustworthy partner in history.

There is a message for other nations too, who completely depend on the US for protection. Like Taiwan, backed by the US is trying to get independence from China. I am sure, if there is a war between China and Taiwan, the US will not intervene and let Taiwan suffer alone.

It is not wished or desired to have wars, but, all nations and countries, should be ready to face the consequences of war at their own responsibilities, and should not depend on any other country for protection, especially from a country that has a track record of betraying in the history.

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