The US and EU: Divergence of interests in Ukraine War

The US and EU have different interests in Ukraine and are visibly seen from the actions on the ground and statements by the political leadership. The US seems to prolong the war but not to further escalate to engulf the other neighboring nations. The reason for prolonging the war is to make Russia bleed and keep it engaged. The US is supporting Ukraine for guerrilla warfare and war of resistance, not for victory. The US has suffered a lot in prolonged wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc., and wanted Russia to meet the same fate. The US is not sincerely making any concrete effort for a ceasefire or full support to Ukraine to win the war.

However, the EU cannot afford a long war on its continent, and afraid if the war is prolonged, it might harm the peace and security of the whole of Europe. The Ukrainian refugees are affecting the neighboring are the economy and nothing burden to the US.

Sanctions on Russia have harmed the EU more than Russia. EU is heavily dependent on Russian energy, sanctions on Russian oil and gas may adversely impact the EU economy, and may collapse the industrial development of some of the European nations. The Oil prices in the international market have risen to US dollars 130 per barrel, if sanction on Russian energy is imposed, there are chances of oil prices to reach up to US dollars 300 per barrel, beyond the purchasing power of many countries. The US is not dependent on Russian energy and does not care if the EU suffers.

Ukraine is a wheat grower nation and exports to feed many other nations in the EU. The US is not dependent on imported wheat. It will be the EU, which might face food security issues if wheat from Ukraine is in doubt.

The Ukrainian president has shown somehow flexibility and some of the Russian demands, it is a good change, either it is due to his realization that the EU or US will not defend them or he is forced due to Russian pressure, but, the bottom line is to stop the war and end the killings of precious human beings. According to Ukrainian sources, the heavy loss has occurred to the Russian military.

Irrespective of the loss of human lives from the Russian side or Ukrainian side is equally regretted and needs to end. The human being is the most precious thing in this universe and must be protected. Irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, all human lives matter. We must condemn the loss of human lives in Palestine, Kashmir, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, etc., at the same time.

It is the appeal to the whole world to support the resolution of all disputes through diplomatic dialogue and political tools under the UN charter only. Use of force must be avoided. It was witnessed that in the wars there is no one winter absolutely, even, the victors are also a loser in some other respect.

We must learn from history and learn some positive lessons. The so-called civilized world must be civilized in true spirit. Otherwise, the historian will call us barbarian.

Russia has shown maximum restraints and tried its best to avoid a war. President Putin has clearly warned the world that Ukraine is the red line. But, consistent statements and action from the US and EU, NATO expansion has caused the Ukraine war. It is time for the world to stop NATO expansion and threaten peace-loving nations. The ball is in the court of the US and EU.

We must prevent the Ukraine war from engulfing other nations or spreading it into a third world war (WWIII). The developments of Science and Technology in defense have threatened humankind and the lethal weapons developed to destroy whole humankind. The scenario is scary!

We pray for an early end to all wars, in any part of the world and comprehensive peace and harmony all over the world. Where all human beings can live with their own culture, traditions, and religion, freely and fairly. Wish everyone peace and prosperity.

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