The Media may act as a true medium of facts conveying

We make decisions based on available information. If we have not completed formation, it is very much possible to make the wrong decision. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the West controls the world’s major media, especially the Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple in the United States, they control the global Internet public opinion.  Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the West has been hanging Russia in the field of public opinion.  In early February, Bloomberg reported fake news that Russia had invaded Ukraine.

Since the Ukrainian war started, Russia has been in a position of being beaten and scolded in online public opinion, and there are still many supportive voices on the Chinese Internet. In other countries in the world, all voices supporting Russia have been blocked. American Internet companies, the Russian government, and even the new media accounts of the US embassy were blocked.

There is no doubt that Russia has fought very hard in this battle.  In fact, Russia has always been very restrained on the battlefield. From the beginning of the battle, it has not launched a large-scale attack. It has tried its best to avoid casualties of the people.  The Ukrainian government has a chance to negotiate, even knowing they are stalling for time.

All of this is inseparable from Russia’s passivity on the battlefield of public opinion.  But even if Russia tolerates everything, in the Internet world, Russia is still smeared and demonized by all kinds of fake news. For example, foreign media took the video of the Ukrainian army bombarding civilian houses and blamed the Russian army.

This time Russia finally came up with this trick, and it really is extremely clever.  Using the Soviet Union as the main contributor to the world’s anti-fascism, in the name of convening a world anti-fascist conference, fundamentally shake the hegemony of the West.  This time, the World Anti-Fascist Conference will definitely have more influence than Biden’s Global Democracy Summit and deal a heavy blow to Western hegemony ideologically.

First, Russia’s primary goal in launching the Ukrainian war is to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.

Ukraine’s neo-Nazis are notorious for brutal massacres of civilians in the Eastern Ukrainian region for eight years, creating at least three mass graves.  I saw on the news that they massacred at least 13,000 women and children.  And all this is not reported by the mainstream media controlled by the West.

Russia held the World Anti-Fascist Congress to nail the Ukrainian puppet government to the pillar of neo-Nazi shame.

Moreover, Russia sent the most powerful Chechen armed forces to Mariupol and Kyiv to deal with neo-Nazis. In particular, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization “Azov Battalion”, which participated in the intervention in the Hong Kong riots in 2019, received key receptions.

Second, suppress German ambitions.

This time during the Ukrainian war, the Germans jumped high.  On the one hand, the president of the European Commission, the German von der Leyen, took over the Ukrainian war and invited it to join the European Union (“Ukraine plans to join the European Union, Europe is brought to the table!”), this von der Leyen is not simple, Her ancestor is a Junker noble, who has lived and worked in the United States for a long time, and served as the German defense minister. She was originally expected to be Merkel’s successor, and later became the president of the European Union.

Another is that the German government announced to provide Ukraine with 1,000 anti-tank missiles and 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles, which are very deadly for the Russian army.  Then, through a special fund, Germany invested 100 billion euros to equip the troops at one time; in addition, the defense expenditure must be increased to more than 2%. Germany’s GDP is 4 trillion US dollars, and 2% is 80 billion US dollars. In this way, Germany will become a military expenditure.  The third-largest country after China and the United States.

These signs indicate that the German Nazis will be resurrected and break the seal left by the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II.  After World War I, Germany was resurrected after only a dozen or so stops. This time it was sealed for more than 70 years, and it felt the opportunity to be resurrected.  Russia will definitely not agree to borrow the revival of neo-Nazism in Ukraine and bring back the dead!  It is estimated that other Eastern European countries will also be scared to death.

Third, shake the moral foundation of Western hegemony.  Western white leftists really think that by putting on the halo of “democracy, freedom, and human rights”, they have really cleaned up history, which is obviously a dream.  During the Cold War, the Soviet Union was a nightmare for the West in the field of ideology, and developing countries yearned for the Soviet Union. Now Russia has picked up the banner of anti-fascism, and it is a sword that pierces the heart of the West.

 The media has the responsibility of conveying facts, letting the readers decide who is right or who is wrong. Media is only an information provider, not the narrative builder or brainwasher. We need to follow a balanced approach to matters up to the possible extent. Definitely, personnel affiliation has an impact on one’s writing, but, try best to have an unbiased approach and reflect both sides’ narratives.

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