How desperate India is trying to get closer with UAE and Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent high-profile visit to Delhi affirms India’s desire for strategic autonomy, even as it builds a strong strategic partnership with the United States. From an Indian perspective, Americans are not always entirely reliable. Desperate India is now looking to establish good relations with any country in the region and has focused on UAE.

India defense strategy

India after the failure of its foreign policies with all neighboring countries, is trying to get closer to UAE. Israel and the US are supporting India to establish close ties with UAE. Of course, America has a huge influence over UAE and Israel, although established diplomatic relations with the UAE recently, but, has a lot of influence over the ruling family. Although the general public neither likes Israel nor India, the ruling elite, under American and Israeli pressure, is getting closer to India. Without a common footing, the relations may not be long-lasting or durable. UAE and Russia both have different approaches when it comes to countering India.

India’s foreign policy failed to create good relations with all its neighbors

With China, India disputes the Line of Actual Control and is in a state of war. With Bangladesh, border disputes, and trade disputes are major hurdles in normalizing relations. In Myanmar, ethnic differences, border disputes, parts two neighbors. Pakistan since its creation is the rival state for India, Kashmir being the core issue between the two nations. Srilanka is at odds with India due to its support of Tamil insurgency and trade disputes. The Maldives differs from India on security issues and religious and ethnic issues. India has damaged its relations with all its immediate neighbors, and facing isolation in the region.

India tries to establish good relations with Iran but is facing challenges in Iran-China relations. The biggest Indian investment in Iran was Chahbahar port, but, after Iran joined BRI and signed an investment pact with China., India has no place in Iran.

American withdrawal and the Taliban’s recapturing of Afghanistan have offset India heavily and dented Indian foreign policy.

Desperate India was looking to establish good relations with any country in the region and has focused on UAE. Although there is nothing in common, no rationale for long-lasting relations, India has no other option. It depends on Isreal and America for establishing good relations with UAE.

What is India’s strategy behind these efforts?

In fact, India has joined the American club and signed a series of agreements with America, including defense and strategic in nature. Due to this reason, India is no longer trusted in the anti-American block, like China and Russia.

The recent short visit of President Putin to India was only a few hours and that was not so fruitful. Although Russia needed foreign exchange and sold S-400 and Kalashinkove manufacturing technology to India, that is outdated technology.

Interestingly, the US is putting sanctions on its allies, if they purchase Russian weapons, like Turkey facing such sanctions, But, India was given free hand to buy Russian weapons, is not it hypocrisy?

In fact, The US is depending on India to counter China, but, has over-estimated India capabilities. When the time will come, India may embarrass Americans at a critical moment. India has neither capability nor

India tried to hijack SARC, but failed and ultimately turned the SARC into a dysfunctional forum. Even, in SCO, India is a misfit. While India joined Quad, and the American alliance against China, can not be comfortable in any other alliance with Russia and China.

It seems India may face further isolation in the region and obviously out of any regional alliance. In case of any problem, Americans from thousands of miles away may not reach to rescue India, and India may suffer alone helplessly.

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